Award Winners at the 36 Filmfest Dresden

16 Prizes Worth €72,000 Awarded // Double Awards for MAST-DEL (Iran/Great Britain) and LAND OF MOUNTAINS (Austria/German) // Golden Horsemen for LA PERRA (France/ Colombia), ALIEN0089 (Chile/ Argentina), URLAUBSVERSUCHE (Germany), and many more

This Saturday evening, the award winners in the National, International and Central German Competitions of the 36 Filmfest Dresden were announced. At the official awards ceremony in the Filmtheater Schauberg festival cinema, a total of 10 Golden Horsemen and six special prizes worth €72,000 were awarded. The eight juries and the audiences chose their favourites from the 60 short films screened in the three competition sections.

The Saxon Film Promotion Prize, which is endowed with €20,000 and sponsored by the Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism, went to Narges Kalhor for SENSITIVE CONTENT (Germany 2023). MAST-DEL (Iran/Great Britain 2023) from Maryam Tafakory went on to win two prizes: the “fully political” – Short Film Award for Democratic Culture, as well as the Dresden Short Film Award of the Association of German Film Critics (unendowed). Moreover, the film received a special mention from the Youth Jury in the International Competition.

A further double winner proved to be the Austrian-German co-production LAND OF MOUNTAINS from Olga Kosanović, which received both the Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury, as well as the Golden Horseman of the Audience in the National Competition. The Golden Horseman of the Audience in the International Competition was awarded to the Polish production ZIMA from Tomasz Popakul and Kasumi Ozeki.

The Golden Horseman Animated Film in the International Competition for the best animation was awarded to the French-Colombian co-production LA PERRA from Carla Melo Gampert. In the National Competition, Daniel Sterlin-Altman’s CARROTICA, which celebrated its world premiere at Filmfest Dresden, convinced the jury as the best animated work and won the Golden Horseman Animated Film in the National Competition, which is endowed with €3,000. The DEFA Promotion Prize Animation (€3,000) went to the animated musical ZOOPTICON from John Frickey, Thies Mynther and Sandra Trostel.

For the Chilean-Argentinian co-production ALIEN0089, Valeria Hofmann received the Golden Horseman Short Film in the International Competition (€7,500) as the best short. The Golden Horseman Short Film in the National Competition (€3,000) for the best short was awarded to Marie Zrenner for ALEX IN DEN FELDERN.

Finn Ole Weigt and Paula Milena were delighted to win the Golden Horseman Central German Competition, which is endowed with €3,000, for their work URLAUBSVERSUCHE.

The ARTE Short Film Prize was awarded to THE UN-CHAOTIC CABINET THAT WISHES FOR ME TO SLEEP (Ireland 2022) from Cillian Green.

The complete list of all the award winners, together with the jury statements and prize-sponsoring institutions, is provided here

All of the award-winning films are being screened on Sunday 21 April 2024 in three

programmes in the Filmtheater Schauburg festival cinema, the Programmkino Ost and Kino

im Kasten cinemas, as well as the Zentralkino cinema.

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