"fully political" Short Film Tour

Short films have the advantage of being able to reflect cultural, social and political trends quickly, artistically and pointedly. For three years now, the "fully political - short film award for democatic culture" at FILMFEST DRESDEN has been honouring the film that provides a critical and controversial view of a political topic.

We are very excited that in 2023, for the first time, the nominated films for the "fully political" film award, including the winning film, will go on tour throughout Saxony. Together with the prize sponsor Saxon State Ministry of Justice and for Democracy, Europe and Equality, we invite you to nine events.

After the programme, there will be an opportunity for conversation and discussion. At individual venues, filmmakers will be on hand to talk about their films.

The venues:

  • 14.9. Mittelherwigsdorf - 7:30 pm / Kulturfabrik Meda
  • 15.9. Annaberg-Buchholz - 5 pm / Sociocultural Centre Alte Brauerei
  • 20.9. Wurzen - 6 p.m. / Mitmachcafé Wurzen
  • 10.10. Bautzen - 8 pm / Steinhaus
  • 14.10. Groitzsch - 7 pm / Pödelwitz has a future e.V.
  • 19.10. Großhennersdorf - 8 p.m. / Kunst-Bauer-Kino
  • 25.10. Döbeln - 7 pm / Treibhaus
  • 2.11. Aue-Bad Schlema - 7 p.m. / Kompetenzzentrum für Gemeinwesenarbeit und Engagement e.V. (KGE) (Centre of Excellence for Community Work and Commitment)
  • 2.11. Hoyerswerda - 6 p.m. / Open Workshop of Democracy, Brigitte Reimann Library
The programme:
  • FLORES DEL OTRO PATIO (Jorge Cadena, 2022, Switzerland)
  • MOTHER PRAYS ALL DAY LONG (Hoda Taheri, 2022, Germany)
  • THE LAND OF MILK & HONEY (Isabelle Nouzha, 2022, Belgium)
  • WILL MY PARENTS COME TO SEE ME (Mo Harawe, 2022, Austria)
  • BIEGEN UND BRECHEN (Falk Schuster, Mike Plitt, 2022, Germany)

Free admission. The film programme will be presented in German or with German subtitles.