Festival Team

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Festival Directors

Sylke Gottlebe

Festival Director

Tel.: +49.351.82947.11

Anne Gaschütz

Festival Director, Festival coordination & Visegrád Forum

Tel: +49.351.82947.23

Festival Team

Laura Schulze

Coordination, Entries & Events

Tel: +49.351.82947.14

Sven Pötting


Tel: +49.351.82947.15

Maria Lily Schulz

Head of Guest Office

Tel: +49.351.82947.18

Carolin Ranke

Finance & Controlling

Tel: +49.351.82947.13

Margarita Pavlova

Finance & Office management

Tel: +49.351.82947.21

Sandra Stränsch

Marketing, Sponsoring & PR

Tel: +49.351.82947.12

Anthony Rin Kluge

Federal Voluntary Service

Tel: +49.351.82947.17

Uta Quietzsch

Coordination Youth & Kids Programme

Raissa Lampe

Coordination Opening/Award Ceremony

Silvana Sieborn

Open Air Coordination

Nadine Faust


Sebastian Wagner

Film Print Administration

Steffi Karn

Assistant Youth Jury

Jutta Wille

Jury Assistant


Festival Dog

Advisory Board "Cinema without Barriers"

Speakers of the Inclusion Advisory Board (from left to right): Steven Brentrop, Norbert Richter, Annett Heinich and Britta Ehrenberger-Wiest

Further members are: Jeanette Dümichen, Knut Dümichen, Sabine Flohr, Sören Haak, Sandra Knappe, Angela Knölker, Emanuel Quetsch, Thekla Richter and Michaela Starke

Advisory Board for Gender Equality

FILMFEST DRESDEN aims to be an open and safe space for all gender identities and sexual orientations. Since forms of discrimination such as sexism are deeply rooted and can also be found in festival structures, FILMFEST DRESDEN is actively working on a gender-sensitive orientation. For this purpose, an advisory board for gender equality was founded at the beginning of 2022, which supports the festival in its gender-responsive development, advises the team and promotes a discussion on the topic of gender equality and diversity.

Its members are:

Leo Lentz, LAG Queeres Netzwerk Sachsen e.V.
Jörg Gakenholz, LAG Jungen- und Männerarbeit Sachsen e.V.
Maria Kropp und Astrid Tautz, Genderkompetenzzentrum Sachsen / FrauenBildungsHaus Dresden e.V.