Film Submission for 35 FILMFEST DRESDEN

Our Call for Entries for the 35 FILMFEST DRESDEN 2023 is open from 1 September to 1 December 2022.

Submission conditions for 35 FILMFEST DRESDEN

  • Eligible for submission are short films up to 30 minutes running time (incl. credits) - exception: Central German Competition.
  • FILMFEST DRESDEN is not a premiere festival, therefore a film premiere is not necessary.
  • For the National and International Competition, only short fiction and animation films (incl. hybrid forms such as AnimaDoc, experimental or documentary fiction) produced after 31 December 2020 will be considered.
    • For the International Competition: all production countries except Germany, German co-productions are accepted
    • For the National Competition: production country Germany, German co-productions are accepted
  • For the Central German Competition, animation, short fiction, experimental and documentary films with a connection to the federal states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and/or Thuringia (e.g. production location, content or biography of the filmmaker) are eligible.
    • Running time max. 40 minutes (including credits). Note: please contact if the film to be submitted is over 30 minutes long. The submission platform Shortfilmdepot accepts films up to 30 minutes.
  • For the Special Programmes (e.g. Kids, Youth, Open Air) documentaries and experimental films can also be submitted.
  • The preview copy must come with English subtitles, if the original language is not English.
  • Please do not send any additional materials like posters or postcards along with your submission.

The submitters will be notified by email no later than March 2023 whether their films have been selected for the festival.

Please note: We only accept 35mm or DCP copies for festival screenings!

Further information on the submission requirements can be found in our Regulations.

How do I submit a film?

Films can be submitted via the online submission platform SHORTFILMDEPOT.

  1. Register: If you are not a user of SHORTFILMDEPOT, register and fill out the form for each film you would like to submit. Upload your film and test if it plays correctly!
  2. Submit: Search for FILMFEST DRESDEN and submit your film. The festival charges a submission fee of 6 Euros per submission (please find our statement here). SHORTFILMDEPOT also requires one stamp per submission. Stamps are available individually or in sets of 5, 20 or 50.



If you have any difficulties with the application or any further questions, you can contact us by phone at +49-351-82947.14 or by email at entry[at]

How do we select the films for our programmes?

Who selects the films for our competitions and our special programmes? And who awards the winners of the Golden Horsemen and the special prizes? Learn more here.