We move film culture in the countryside

What would it be like if even in the smallest towns in Saxony people had the opportunity to see a diverse range of films or even to be able to organise cinema screenings themselves? When experiencing film culture is not a question of population? If film-loving people could infect their neighbours with their passion and together create an unforgettable experience for their town? What if the abundant film offerings could lure residents from their sofas at home to the clubhouse, cultural centre or even the barn?

This is where film.land.sachsen comes in, because in the region - especially in rural areas - there has been a noticeable loss of film culture offerings for residents in recent years. Small communities in particular have been affected by the decline of cinemas. Film culture can hardly be offered to the inhabitants of Saxony any more. With the loss of the shared film experience, however, they lose a fundamental opportunity for cultural participation.

Under the coordination of the Filmverband Sachsen e.V. and together with other Saxon film festivals and initiatives, the FILMFEST DRESDEN, with the project "film.land.sachsen" funded by the Saxon Ministry of Science and Art, has set itself the goal of  ensuring that film culture in the countryside once again takes a permanent place in society and that the local people can profit from it in the long term. The aim is to find committed supporters throughout the state in order to multiply cultural commitment. These can be individuals with an affinity for film or existing cultural actors such as socio-cultural centres, youth centres or other alternative cultural spaces. We want to bring together those who want to bring film culture to the countryside and who can imagine acting as film guides themselves.

Films and short film programmes from the diverse range of Saxon film festivals and initiatives can be booked for screenings in Saxony. The programme selection can be found on the website www.filmlandsachsen.de.