Each year, FILMFEST DRESDEN appoints several independent juries which decide on the winners of the Golden Horsemen awards. Beside the International and the National Jury, these include the Jury for best Sound Design, for GenderDiversity and our two Youth Juries.

International Jury 2020


is the co-director of Glasgow Short Film Festival, the leading event for short film in Scotland. She has worked as a programmer and producer for the Document Human Rights Film Festival, also in Glasgow, and regularly freelances as a
writer, conversation host and curator. She has held various jobs in broadcast production, script development, journalism and event coordination in Scotland, as well as in Belgium (her home country), China and the Basque Country. She holds a BA Journalism and an MA European Cinema and American Studies.


While studying literature and arts, Florian soon specialised in cinema and experimented with both its aesthetic and technical aspects. He took advantage of his time at university to become involved in various events and institutions.
One of these experiences led him to coordinate a two-month exhibition dedicated to Agnès Varda, a filmmaker
dear to his heart. After receiving his MA Film Studies, Florian joined the Cannes Court Métrage team in 2014. Since then he has coordinated the industry events (workshops, creative programmes, pitches, meetings, panels, masterclasses and so on) of the Short Film Corner – a five-day forum organised by the Festival de Cannes aiming to promote short film forms and emerging talents. The goal of this networking event is to facilitate interactions between the filmmakers and the short film industry. The SFC | Rendez-vous Industry brings together hundreds of international professionals every year for a lively programme with a buzzing atmosphere.


is an animator and cartoonist from Kraków, Poland. She is a graduate of the Animation Department in the Polish Film School in Łódź. She has made four short films, a few animated music videos and several short comics published around the world. Her student film PUSSY was awarded at festivals such as AFI Fest, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, FILMFEST DRESDEN and others. She is currently living and working in Wrocław.

National Jury 2020


born in Moscow, graduated with his MA Animation from the Royal College of Art in London, and is now working as an in-
dependent director and producer in Germany. His films UGLY and FEST received critical acclaim at film festivals around
the world, including the top award at Ottawa Animation Festival, Bristol Encounters and VIS Vienna Shorts. His signature style is a crude and interactive approach to story, design and animation, all embracing spontaneity, randomness and error. Nikita Diakur has given talks at Playgrounds, Pictoplasma and FMX, lectured at art academies in Berlin, Weimar and Vienna, participated as a jury member in Animafest Zagreb and Linoleum Kyiv, and recently undertook residencies at Q21 and the Open Workshop. Since 2017, Nikita Diakur has been a member of the European Film Academy.


is a script mentor, project consultant and pitching coach. After starting as a journalist and film critic, Gabriele has worked in various fields within the film industry. She ran the MEDIA Antenna Berlin-Brandenburg, was an artistic advisor for the Maia Workshops, and has developed events such as Connecting Cottbus, the IDM Film Conference INCONTRI in South Tyrol and currently MDM’s Meet Your Neighbour in Leipzig. Over the last 14 years, Gabriele has also served as a project advisor for the talent film section of the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film funding body. Parallel to advising on script development, packaging and pitching for individual projects, she consults for the First Films First script development programme, Midpoint Feature Launch, Baltic Pitching Forum, FilmProSeriesEA, Interfilm Script Pitch, Berlinale and SarajevoTalents, among others.


born 1989 in Erfurt. He concluded his studies of audio-visual media in Berlin in 2015. Between 2012 and 2015, he also studied directing and project assistance at the Theater an der Parkaue Berlin. In 2014 he spent a semester abroad at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem. Since 2015 he has studied directing at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. With his film DER PROBAND (THE TEST SUBJECT) he won the 2019 German Short Film Award. In September 2019 he attended the University of Witswatersrand in its Department of Film and Television in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the context of an exchange programme. Since October 2019, he has been studying for an MA in feature film directing at the Film University Babelsberg.

Youth Jury International Competition 2020

ALIX FIVIAN, 18 years old

After completing secondary school in Paris, I decided to move to Germany to perfect my German and discover more about the culture. As a member of the International Youth Jury, I have the opportunity to honour artists and their works, be that in terms of the images, music or performances. Art is something very important for me, and I am looking forward to appreciating it.

NATALIA FOMINA, 18 years old

What am I able to know? What should I do? What might I hope for? What is the human? Humankind has been concerned with these four questions for centuries, as they form the drive for its existence and actions. Films capture specific moments: Feelings, occurrences and relationships. In busy, focused and consuming people, they succeed in awaking the desire to confront and analyse once more the primal questions we have, as well as to participate in life and scrutinise it. Thanks to this fullness, I love films and am looking forward amazingly to the film festival, the exchanges there and the new horizons.

ANTON RAACK, 17 years old

Hi, my name is Anton, I am 17 years old and a big fan of good films. I even grew up with them in the cinema. For me, cinema is like a second home, which makes me even more pleased to be permitted to be part of the Youth Jury at the film festival this year. The thing I really feel excited about is the opportunity to be able to look behind the scenes and discover a couple of new good films.

Youth Jury National Competition 2020


For me, there are but a few things in my life capable of impressing, horrifying, touching or entertaining me more than a good film. The images and sounds permit us to delve into a new world for a brief time and give us the opportunity to broaden our own horizons. Likewise, for me, speaking with others about what we have seen and heard, and discovering new ideas and view-points doing so, is just as important as viewing the film itself. Because corona is turning our lives upside-down right now, the 2020 Filmfest will surely be a unique event. I am delighted to be a member of the Youth Jury and I am looking forward to the festival days full of intensive exchanges.

VINCENT KOCH, 18 years old

Anyone can go to Cannes! But there is also an amazing film festival in Dresden: My first time there was in 2016. Then in 2017 I promptly became a member of the Young Curators, while I was a reviewer for the youth magazine Spiesser over the last two years. In the meantime, I have taken up theatre and become completely hooked on art. After secondary school, I would like to start studying drama. The Youth Jury gives me the opportunity to get to know passionate people and their perspectives, as well as to conduct artistic analyses till I keel over. I am looking forward like crazy to the short films and hope that there are lots of controversies.

AARON KILIAN, 20 years old

Already as a child, my parents dragged me along to the film festival. Apart from gaining material for nightmares, I mainly retained good memories and impressions that would sweep me off to new countries and worlds each year. For me, there is nothing more wonderful that letting myself be surprised by a film. I love all kinds of films, and I am equally enthusiastic about documentaries right through to fantasy flicks. I have worked for several years towards the aim of studying cinematography and being able to work later on a cameraman on productions. It is an important experience and great honour that I may see the national short films this year – and, with a pain in my heart, have to decide on one of the films.

Jury for Sound Design 2020


is a composer, guitarist and producer. She won the German Film Music Award as Best Newcomer in 2016 with the film score for her cinema debut NELLYS ABENTEUER (NELLY’S ADVENTURE) (director: Dominik Wessely). Since then, she has scored documentaries and cinema release films such as the feminist zombie film ENDZEIT (END TIME) (director: Carolina Hellsgård, premiered on TIFF) and the Dutch audience success MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS (director: Steven Wouterlood, premiered at Berlinale). In her music, she combines acoustic instrumentation with audio processing and electronics. She has already worked with orchestras such as the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg and the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt. Four of her soundtrack albums have been released, including her current score for DAS GEHEIME LEBEN DER BÄUME (THE SECRET LIVES OF TREES) with Peter Wohlleben (director: Jörg Adolph).


has worked as a composer and musician for more than 30 years. His compositions have been used in numerous prize-winning feature films and documentaries. These include, for instance, Fatih Akin’s multi-layered drama HEAD-ON, that not only won the Golden Bear at the 2004 Berlinale, but also five Lolas, the RAF narrative IF NOT US, WHO? (Andreas Veiel) or the touching family comedy DIE WELT DER WUNDERLICHS (THE WUNDERLICHS’ WORLD) (Dani Levy). He composed scene music and the title song for the series BABYLON BERLIN, for which he received the Grimme Prize for Scene Music in 2018. During his career, he has worked together with various artists, including Nena, Rio Reiser, Einstürzende Neubauten or Nick Cave, and he released
his first solo album in 2010, “Schöne Schmerzen” (Pleasant Pains). For ten years, Weidemann has been a lecturer in composition and song writing at the SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts.


Born in Halle, lives in Dresden and has a weakness for his much-missed second home of Nashville, Johannes works as a producer, teacher and creator of music. This has resulted in cooperative work with various artists, ranging from soundtracks for Jens Rosemann to recordings with CJ Ramone through to videos with Deichkind and Bela B. Thanks to their extensive network, the Ballroom Studios have developed into a location that facilitates encounters between the most diverse creative heads. He mainly works there, but also lectures in arrangements at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden and likes to pick up and play the guitar, bass, piano or whatever else is lying around – whether he is asked to or not.

Jury for Gender Diversity 2020


studied culture and media education, has been involved in short film productions since she was 17 and organised the short film mobile cinema “Mauerstreifen” in Leipzig for many years. Last autumn she completed her feature length debut UFERFRAUEN – LESBISCHES L(I)EBEN IN DER DDR (WOMEN ON THE OTHER SIDE – LESBIAN LIFE AND LOVE IN THE GDR) after working on it for seven years. In this documentary, six lesbian protagonists speak about their life stories. UFERFRAUEN has been running in the cinemas since 2 April 2020. Moreover, Barbara Wallbraun works throughout Saxony as a freelance film and media educationalist. Doing so, she either discusses films with children and youth, or makes small film productions with them.


is a men’s studies researcher, blogger and activist. In talks and workshops about critical masculinity, he broaches the subjects of men and masculinity. He reveals how you actively break up male cultures of silence and associations of men, while questioning his own masculinity critically and from a pro-feminist perspective. Parallel to this, he analyses the impact that series and films have on the social subconscious. Doing so, he has discovered that the enormous flood of stories and images from male-dominated monocultures can be limited to three simple forms of staging or enactment: Body armour, the creature and psychogeography. In 2016, May founded the Hetox Magazine and in 2018 the Detox Masculinity Network. Parallel to this, he organises two open Facebook groups on the subject and writes essays about male fantasies in series and films (Der
Standard, Auslöser, Cn-Magazin).


is a director and (screen) writer. She studied sociology and media science, in addition to taking new German literature studies (MA). After her studies, she worked for several years in the advertising industry, before commencing an artistic career in 2000. Her films (including EINE FLEXIBLE FRAU (A FLEXIBLE WOMAN), TOP GIRL, ORIENTIERUNGSLOSIGKEIT IST KEIN VERBRECHEN (LACK OF DIRECTION IS NO CRIME)) have been screened at international festivals and in exhibition contexts, as well as being released in cinemas. She lectures at various third-level institutes and gives talks at conferences on gender and film. Most recently, she wrote the third part of the women and work trilogy “Corporate”. Tatjana Turanskyj is a founding and board member of Pro Quote Film.