Online Film Magazine Talking Shorts

TALKING SHORTS is an online platform that aims to make short films more visible and facilitate a more intensive discourse about the art form. With film reviews, interviews and articles, the website is aimed at a broad public and the younger generation, who are yet to discover the possibilities of short film. For the professional audience, on the other hand, videos and podcasts are published and events are organized as part of the BE SHORT NOW! initiative.

TALKING SHORTS was developed in 2020 by VIENNA SHORTS together with Filmfest Dresden, the Short Waves Festival in Poland and the European young cinema initiative NISI MASA. At the launch, an online film festival was also spontaneously created, which helped us all through the first wave of the coronavirus: MY DARLING QUARANTINE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL was created by 66 programmers, showed 77 films by 87 filmmakers over a period of eleven weeks and reached almost 70,000 views.

The platform is meanwhile supported by more than 20 film festivals worldwide and regularly collaborates with more than 15 authors for film reviews, features and workshops.



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