Outlook on FFDD24: Retrospective

This time, our retrospective of the 36 FILMFEST DRESDEN looks at East and West Germany and brings together various utopias from the second half of the 20th century. Look forward to cinematic discoveries!

Retrospective: Dropouts, Dreamers, Lovers

In the 1960s, bohemians and bon vivants knows as “dropouts” insinuated their way into the economic miracle of post-war everyday life in West Germany and even onto the West German cinema screens. In East German GDR at that time, the socialism of the new millennium was being planned for the cinema. Taking postcapitalist alternative concepts and dreams of the future, the programme brings together differing utopias from the East and the West.


We look forward to seeing you in Dresden from 18 to 23 April.

We will publish our entire programme on 26 March.

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