Outlook on FFDD23: Retrospective Artūras Barysas

The Filmfest Dresden retrospective this year with the curator Dr. Claus Löser is being dedicated to Artūras Barysas, one of the most important representatives of the artistic underground scene in Lithuania, which was occupied by the Soviet Union until 1990.

Under the title of "The Sweet Word Freedom – The Lithuanian Underground Filmmaker Artūras Barysas (1954-2005)", for the first time ever in Germany, Filmfest Dresden is presenting a selection of his films, which were recently rediscovered and restored in Lithuania. Characterised by a formal originality and contextual ambiguity, Barysas created testimonies countering the omnipresent power claims of the Soviet Union to his homeland. The underground experts Dovydas Bluvšteinas (Vilnius) and David Ellis (London) are expected to attend the screenings.

The retrospective is being supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Film Centre.

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