New Late Night Special: Cinema Digestif 1-3

Welcome to our new late-night special! Expect the offbeat and surprising at a late hour on three consecutive nights at Thalia Kino.
Cinema Digestif 1: The Future Is Cat
Here, feline views on gender equality, but also bored, dancing or psychedelic cats find their place. Maybe cat content can make a feminist contribution, but maybe cat films are just self-care and great entertainment.

OV with English subtitles
Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF? You Are What You Eat
As we all know, the eye eats too. We smelled a rat a long time ago and have put together a programme of nutritious shorts that are guaranteed not to leave you hungry. We have eaten our way through many cheap take-aways to present you with the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème. Nevertheless, we eat what's on the table!

OV with English subtitles
Cinema Digestif 3: Summertime Sadness
"And baby when I met you, every feeling I had was new, I don't think there are words to describe the sensations, oh no no no?" Love is sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful, heart-wrenching and consuming. But above all, a love story never plays out the way we imagine it beforehand... 

OV with English subtitles


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