30th FILMFEST DRESDEN Presenting Its Anniversary Programme

Veronika Schubert: In erster Linie (AT), 2016

The 30th Filmfest Dresden is presenting this year's anniversary programme. One main focus this years is on "Europe", bringing 30 years of European and the festival's history together in several programmes.

The Unfinished Adventure Named Europe
The great European dreams after the end of the Cold War are now being overshadowed by crises. And Europe is wrestling with its identity. These conflicts and confrontations, as well as the inner plurality of the European construct are also reflected in short film. In the three "A Path to Freedom", "Border Regions" and "Europe Is Falling Apart" programmes, which embrace both historic and current perspectives and are intended to explore the utopian as indeed the dystopian horizons here, Filmfest Dresden is looking back on 30 years of Europe. Among others, the themes include the euphoria in Germany immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the question about the geographic and formal-aesthetic borders of Europe, as well as the unvanquished nationalism in the fortress of Europe. The films in the "Focus Europe" programme debunk their discourse as being "post-truth", while providing thought-provoking impulses and posing questions: How can the political regression within the EU be brought to an end? And does the Europe project still have a chance?

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