Focus on Cuba at FFDD19

EL DES-BLOQUE SOCIALISTA by Jeissy Trompiz, 2019

The myth of the Cuban revolution has faded today. Has the new rallying cry become "capitalism or death"? FILMFEST DRESDEN presents productions in various special programmes that reflect the complex Cuban present between awakening and stagnation and between globalisation and isolation.

The multi-faceted panorama of cinematic self-observation is complemented by external perspectives, a look back also recalls the utopian early years of Caribbean socialism. The short film programme will be accompanied by the panel discussion BETWEEN TODAY AND YESTERDAY - MOVING STANDSTILL as well as the exhibition .

Here are the screening and event dates:

Cuba 1 - Escapism as Utopia

Cuba 2 - Between Transformation and Stagnation

Cuba 3 - Planned Ambivalence

Cuba 4 - Days of Fire, Years of Smoke

Cuba 5 - Cologne-Cuba-Project: Awakening: of Freedom

Cuba 6 - Cologne-Cuba-Project: Awakening: of Women

Discussion: Between Today and Yesterday – Moving Standstill

Exhibition Surfing Buena Vista - Until we grow wings, Galerie Raskolnikow

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