First time at FFDD19: Random Home Cinema - Kitchen Stories

It is a well known fact that great conversations happen in combination with good food. And what could be more worthwhile at a film festival than not only chatting over a good meal, but also talking to people you've never met before? As part of the Random Home Cinema initiative, for several years now people in Poznán have been opening their apartment doors for short film evenings of a special kind. Together we would now like to invite to a special dinner. Our chefs? Widely travelled short film friends from Italy, Québec and Poland. The location? Top secret! Our guests? You! A colourful mixture of filmmakers and festival guests.

As the places are very limited, a lottery ticket will decide on the participants of the evening. For 1€ you can purchase it either in our guest centre or at the info counter at the Schauburg cinema. The lottery drum will decide on the guest list the evening before, the lucky ones will be informed by text message about the location and participation. So take part and enjoy good food with nice conversations and make new friends!

The event will take place on Friday, April 12 at 6 pm.

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