FFDD24 Preview: Focus "Dreaming Utopia"

We love the cinema as an illusion machine and dream factory. The medium of film manages to visualise counter-concepts to a present that sometimes seems more like a horror scenario to us. It gives us visions of a better and more beautiful world and provides food for thought as to how this could be realised. Short films in particular have the power to pointedly reflect crisis situations, but they also have the potential to offer a collective projection surface for hopes, wishes and utopias and to articulate a desire for the future. With this year's focus, we invite you to dream and dedicate our special programmes to various forms and manifestations of utopias.

In individual programmes we shed light, for example, on the topic of utopian buildings and imaginary architectures, take a look at the design of a fairer world with the topic of Afrofuturism curated by director Kantarama Gahigiri or indulge in post-capitalist mind games with our curators of the collective Total Refusal.

There will be much to look forward to - it's going to be beautiful!


You can see all programmes at the 36 FILMFEST DRESDEN from 16 to 21 April 2024.

Advance ticket sales start on 26 March 2024.

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