FFDD24 Nominees: "fully political" & LUCA Film Award

During the festival week you can look forward to special thematic programmes that bring together the nominated films for some of our special awards: the "fully political" short film award for democratic culture as well as the LUCA film award for gender diversity.

Pre-juries selected these entries with their special focus on content from our competition submissions. The juries will then decide on the winning films. So it will be exciting!

* Thu 5:30 pm | SCHAUBURG * Sun 4:00 pm | SCHAUBURG

Short films have the advantage of being able to reflect cultural, social and political trends quickly, artistically and pointedly. This year, for the third time, the "voll politisch - Kurzfilmpreis für demokratische Kultur" ("fully political - short film award for democratic culture") honours the film that provides a critical and controversial view of a political topic. A preliminary jury selected the nominated film entries. OF with German and / or English UT

With the kind support of the Saxon State Ministry of Justice, Democracy, European Affairs and Gender Equality.

The films are:

  • BASRI & SALMA IN A NEVER-ENDING COMEDY (Khozy Rizal, 2023, India)
  • OUTSIDE (Izabela Plucinska, 2023, Poland/Germany)
  • LAND OF THE MOUNTAINS (Olga Kosanović, 2023, Austria/Germany)
  • MAST-DEL (Maryam Tafakory, 2023, Iran/UK)
  • THE MASTER OF THE SWAMPS (Sasha Svirsky, 2023, Germany)
  • BIG BANG (Carlos Segundo, 2022, France)

* Thu 5:00 pm I SCHAUBURG * Sat 10:30 pm | SCHAUBURG

LUCA, the Film Award for Gender Diversity, sends a clear signal for the acceptance of all genders, against sexism and against any discrimination. The nominated films make visible ways of living and loving that challenge norms. They show the power of love, acceptance and solidarity and plead for self-determined living in freedom. OF with German and / or English subtitles

With the kind support of the Gender Competence Centre Saxony / FrauenBildungsHaus Dresden e. V., the LAG Queer Network Saxony and the LAG Boys' and Men's Work Saxony e. V.

The films are:

  • EL DANCE-OFF (Nicolás Keller Sarmiento, 2023, USA)
  • DREAMS LIKE PAPER BOATS (Samuel Suffren, 2024, Haiti)
  • DU BIST SO WUNDERBAR (Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes, 2023, Germany/Brazil)
  • MY ORANGE GARDEN (Anna-Sophie Richard, 2023, Germany)
  • PORTRAIT (Grace Louey, 2023, UK)

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