FFDD24 Late-Night-Special: Cinema Digestif 1-3

For the 36 FILMFEST DRESDEN you can once again look forward to our Late Night Special with offbeat and surprising films at a late hour on three consecutive evenings at the Thalia Kino. Genre cinema at its best!

Cinema Digestif 1: Final Girls Berlin Presents Queer Horror
The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is presenting horror cinema, directed by women and nonbinary people and with films written or produced by women and nonbinary people. Our intention here is to create a space for female voices and perspectives in the horror genre, regardless of whether they are monstrous or heroic, or even a chaotic combination of both. // In cooperation with the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF?
Who doesn’t know it? Big brown eyes, soft hair, instant infatuation – no we’re not talking about your last date, but about the positive feelings that we often have towards our mostly four-legged fellow creatures. Yes, you’ve read that right: This year we’re plunging into the incredibly exciting world of animals! Biting and snappish, that goes without saying.   

Cinema Digestif 3: This Will Only Sting for a Moment
Sometimes the utopian dream bursts right in your face. But science will save us... if it doesn’t kill us first! In the programme, we encounter men who do terribly stupid masculine things and who are confronted with experiments that go horribly and hilariously wrong. // In cooperation with the Uppsala Short Film Festival

Advance ticket sales start on 26 March!

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