FFDD23 Short-Film Reviews on Talking Shorts

Talking Shorts is an online film magazine dedicated to short film. Founded in 2020 by VIENNA SHORTS together with FILMFEST DRESDEN, the Short Waves Festival in Poland and the European young cinema initiative NISI MASA, its aim is to make short films more visible and to encourage a broader discourse about this art form.

A regular look at the magazine's English articles and interviews is always worthwhile, and many films from the 35th festival edition are also reviewed. Among them are:

AIRHOSTESS-737 (Greece 2022; R: Thanasis Neofotistos): International Competition

AN AVOCADO PIT (Portugal 2022; R: Ary Zara): International Competition, nominated for LUCA- Film Award for Gender Diversity

BACKFLIP (Germany 2022; R: Nikita Diakur): National Competition

FLORES DEL OTRO PATIO (Switzerland, Colombia 2022; R: Jorge Cadena): Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury - International Competition & "fully political" - Short Film Award for Democratic Culture

IT'S RAINING FROGS OUTSIDE (Philippines 2021; R: Maria Estela Paiso): Golden Horseman Best Animation - International Competition

MULIKA (Democratic Republic of Congo 2022; R: Maisha Maene): Golden Horseman Best Sound Design – International & National Competition

NEIGHBOUR ABDI (The Netherlands 2022; R: Douwe Dijkstra): Open Air Programme

STAGING DEATH (Germany 2022; R: Jan Soldat): National Competition

WILL MY PARENTS COME TO SEE ME (Germany, Austria, Somalia 2022; R: Mo Harawe): International Competition, nominated for "fully political" - Short Film Award for Democratic Culture

Enjoy reading!

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