FFDD23 Late Night Special: Cinema Digestif 1-3

For the 35 FILMFEST DRESDEN you can once again look forward to our Late Night Special with offbeat and surprising films at a late hour on three consecutive evenings at the Thalia Kino.

A selection of short films from the Nigerian new wave. From an embattled mask maker struggling to cope with family abuse; to a group of young women whose wigs give them super powers; and a lonely housewife who fantasises about leaving her husband we see individuals overcome challenge in a dynamic African setting. OF with English UT/without dialogue

Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF?
Hard to believe, but when we lost ourselves in space five years ago, we didn't think we'd still be there today. YES! We're celebrating a birthday. In five years we haven't managed to get rid of you guys. Or is it rather the other way round? Well. We're still rude and in a bad mood, but what the hell. The main thing is cake!
OF with English UT

Cinema Digestif 3: Pimmel Porn Protest
As an activist practice and artistic strategy, PostPorn questions social norms of sexuality and the body. The performative porn duet, Sarah Held & Sylvia Sadzinski, shows films as "pimmel, porn, protest" that move far away from the classic triad of platitudinous rip-offs, wild rammel close-ups and final cum shots in the hetero universe.
OF / OF with English UT / without dialogue

Advance ticket sales start on 28 March!

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