FFDD22 Fokus Québec: Carefully Crafted Silences

FFDD22 Special Programmes Outlook:

This year's Focus on Québec series is curated by French-Canadian director and sculptor Caroline Monnet:

Family, in what it is, uncomfortable, beautiful, and ugly, remains one of the best spaces for self-knowledge. It is undeniable that, as we grow up, we become the result of our lived experiences. Childhood unfolds layer by layer. We lose our innocence and develop a sense of empathy for others. We make decisions that shape our relationships, and we learn to navigate through family dynamics.

The works gathered in this programme are made by filmmakers from different backgrounds and different nations, but they all call Québec their home. They each deal directly and indirectly with assertions of identity rooted in in the face of family ties. These personal stories show us moments of self-realization that contribute to a general affirmation of responsibility and individuality. The simple yet pivotal moments they capture on screen are authentic and reliable. They are glimpses of life that affect our capacity to learn and grow. They speak of a universality that can go beyond simplistic cultural frameworks. 

We will release our entire programme on 15 March. Look out for constant news!


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