FFDD21 Kids Programme: Favourites announced

At the 33 Filmfest Dresden, young and old visitors had the opportunity again to vote for their favourite films in the respective children's and youth's programmes. Many thanks for taking part! 25 young curators had chosen the films with care and pleasure in spring.

And these are the results:

Kids 1:

MISHOU by Milen Vitanov, Germany/Bulgaria 2020

TOBI UND DER TURBOBUS by Verena Fels, Germany, 2020

Kids 2:

JÀMA by Markéta Kubátová Smolíková, Czech Republic, 2019

APPLE TREE MAN by Alla Vartanyan, Russia, 2020

Kids 3:

MIGRANTS by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise, France, 2020

Youth 1:

SEE YOU, SIR by Yayu Lin, Taiwan, 2019

Youth 2:

Unfortunately, there is no clear result here


We congratulate all winners!

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