FFDD20: Key Focus on Traces of Trauma

The special programmes were compiled with a particular focus on the main theme of this year's festival: traces of trauma.

The concept of trauma has become an integral part of our everyday language. These are individual and collective wounds and symbolic injuries that have not completely healed; they can cause pain and leave scars that are nursed, hidden or repressed. Our five special programmes present exemplary and innovative works that expose, document, work through and transform traces of trauma, but also show how the "cracks" in the psyche can be repaired.

This year's tribute, Omer Fast, is also part of the programme. Omer Fast is a master of irritation. In his films he lets fact and imagination blur and documentation become fiction. He creates perfect labyrinths, skilfully plays with the expectations of the audience*, leaving them to their own devices in the midst of a multifaceted wealth of possible interpretations. FILMFEST DRESDEN honours one of the most striking film and video artists* of his generation with a tribute and shows two of his central short film works.

All dates:

1: Monitoring Migration - Tue 22:00 | Schauburg * Wed 19:00 | SLUB * Sat 11:30 | Schauburg

2: Memoryfakes - Tue20:00 | Thalia * Wed18:00 | Schauburg

3: Remembrance without Past - Fri 18:00 * Sat 22:00 | Schauburg

4: Panotrauma - Wed 22:30 * Sun 20:00 | Thalia

5: It is the Soul of an alien at Earth - Tue 18:00 | Schauburg * Sun 22:30 | Thalia

Tribute: Omer Fast - Remainder - Sat 20:00 * So 19:00 | Schauburg

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