Your health and safety is important to us.
We therefore kindly ask you to stick to the following rules:

Mouth and nose protection

  • Face covering over your mouth and nose is obligatory in all indoor areas of the venues and where the minimum distance of 1.50m cannot be maintained. This applies in particular to the foyer area, on the way to the cinema seat, for the bathrooms and when leaving the cinema.
  • Face covering must also be worn during shuttle trips.

Minimum distance

  • A minimum distance of 1.50m applies. This can be minimized in the screening room at the cinema if contact tracking can be guaranteed.
  • The simultaneous use of WC areas should be avoided (see notices at the respective venues)

Contact Tracking

  • All guests are obliged to provide their contact data in accordance with data protection regulations (name, first name, e-mail or telephone number, zip code / country, event, seat, (row & number))
  • each guest receives a piece of paper when buying a ticket or entering the venue and throws it into a box on entry
  • The collected data will be kept locked for 4 weeks and then deleted or destroyed.


  • Always keep sufficient distance (1.50 m) from other people
  • Avoid touching (e.g. shaking hands or hugging)
  • Cover mouth and nose with the crook of your arm when coughing or sneezing, use tissuesand dispose of them in closed containers
  • Keep hands away from face
  • Regularly wash hands for 20 sec with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer
  • disinfect hands regularly, disinfectant dispensers and disposable wipes are provided

Directional system

  • Signs at the individual venues point out the hygiene measures
  • Markings on the floor indicate entries and exits

Seating arrangements

  • one seat must be left empty between two people or groups to be separated according to the current regulations (SächsCoronaSchVO)
  • only numbered seats are sold at the Schauburg and Programmkino Ost venues
  • in all other, smaller venues, the distance between the groups of people (1 seat) must be adhered to

Instructions for action in suspicious cases

  • Anyone with symptoms (e.g. fever, sore throat, respiratory problems, aching limbs) that could indicate a possible illness with COVID-19 is not allowed to enter the venues.
  • The person affected is requested to contact a doctor or the public health department immediately
  • If an infection is confirmed, a pandemic plan to identify and inform people who are at risk of infection through contact with the infected person comes into effect immediately

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