FFDD19: Festival trailer is online!

This year's festival trailer is created by animation artist Robert Löbel, who was awarded the Filmförderpreis der Kunstministerin in the National Competition at the FILMFEST DRESDEN in 2018 for his film LINK. He was supported by Anne-Lou Erambert (Animation) and David Kamp (Sound).

The trailer takes up this year's festival themes such as transformation and upheaval, the focus on Cuba or the Discourse Europe - The Age of Rage in an associative way.

The film will be shown in various Saxon cinemas prior to the festival as well as during the festival week. It celebrated its premiere on 5 March at the press conference of the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN in the Schauburg.

Festival Trailer – 31. FILMFEST DRESDEN by Robert Löbel

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