Animated painting in our Animated series

This year our Animated programmes focus on animated painting. Individualised transformation modi of artistic painting techniques into the moving form of the animation film are counted among the most demanding animated film methods of all. With the animated oil painting technique, initially painted phases are continuously and irreversibly overpainted in the animation by the camera using stop-motion with layers of fresh, colour coatings. These methods create unique textures with differing colour effects, conjuring up fascinating figures and spaces.

The related film programme – on a detour into "prehistoric art", the paintings of Stone Age humans – permits six artists with differing subjects and personal styles from various countries and generations to enter into an artificial dialogue: The Poles Witold Giersz (born 1927) and Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz (born 1980), the Russian Alexander Petrov (born 1958) – with son and students – André Schmidt (born 1960), who comes from Dresden, the Swiss Georges Schwizgebel (born 1944) and the Russian Xenia Smirnov (born 1987), who lives in Germany.

This is contrasted by the cinematographic oeuvre from the German painter and filmmaker Jochen Kuhn (born 1954). His works in this area were once compared with paintings that are constantly transforming themselves, an apt characterisation for all of the films being presented here. At one time, the painter preferred the overpainting and transformations in turn of his oil paintings better than the "finished" paintings – which was also how he came to film. In a masterclass the artist will speak about his work.

The film programmes are accompanied by an exhibition, which is being opened at the Technische Sammlungen venue on 11 April 2019.

Here are the screening and event dates:

Animated 1: Jochen Kuhn – Between Film and Art

Animated 2: Animated Painting – Painting as Film

Masterclass with Jochen Kuhn: Between Film and Art

Exhibition Opening: Animated Painting – Painting as Film

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