2009 Québec Reloaded: Three Mothers, One Death

It is Quebec time again. Six juicy short films tell us about dramatic or melodramatic challenges in the lives of ordinary and not so ordinary people in Quebec. You will discover works which provide you with intoxicable moments of joy, bizarre stories and unforgettable tragedies. While Guy Édoin’s work »La Battue« marks the final and dramatic part of his trilogy on rural life, Jean-François Nadeau discloses options on how to seduce one’s unattainable true love in his comedy »Avant-goût de printemps«.

The year 2009 also continues the fruitful collaboration with Quebec’s premium institution supporting the creative industries: la SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles).

The Films

UN HOMME DE MAIN (A HIRED HAND), Martin Talbot (Fiction, Canada 2008)

All his life Jean-Louis has mixed up right and left. Choosing the wrong way, one day he finds himself, unwittingly, enrolled in a dance class. There he meets the beautiful Hélène, a professional manicurist. It’s love at first sight.

HISTOIRE DE PÊCHE (A FISHING STORY), Benoit Desjardins (Fiction, Canada 2008)

A man heads off on his annual fishing trip. This year’s fishing trophy will be quite a different one.

LES TROIS MÈRES (THREE MOTHERS), Daniel Schachter (Fiction, Canada 2008)

Barbara hasn’t slept since her pregnant daughter Rebecca went over her due date nine days ago. Barbara wants to visit her daughter, but Rebecca refuses. However Barbara decides to go anyway.

BELLE-MAMAN (STEPMOTHER), Sébastien Trahan, Simon Lamontagne (Fiction, Canada 2008)

Oliver meets his in- laws for the first... and last time.

LA BATTUE (THE HUNT DRIVE), Guy Édoin (Fiction, Canada 2008)

A snowy landscape. A group of women are out hunting. One of them gets beaten at home. In the loneliness of the forest, a young woman tells her mother she is leaving the family home.

AVANT-GOÛT DE PRINTEMPS (THE THAW), Jean-François Nadeau (Fiction, Canada 2008)

Felix has planned the perfect evening to seduce his unattainable true love, Roxanne, but then...

Also in the Programme:

Québec Reloaded: Here and There

In 2008 the Canadian filmmaker Etienne Desrosiers who is based in Montreal stayed four months in Dresden as an artist-in-residence at the Festspielhaus Hellerau theatre directing »Here and There«, an ex- perimental documentary on our city. Halfway into post-production, he is showing live his work-in-progress in this presentation with projections and sounds at Galerie Raskolnikow.