2020 Focus Québec: Singularité Plurielle

Québec is a land of possibilities. A fertile place where multiple stories deserve to be told. Heard. These remarkable, complex but somehow universal films tell the story of a province, a country (close or distant) and its inhabitants. These cinematographic journeys unknowingly take us back to what we know as a home. Distant voices talk about a lost and unattainable land, a young girl in search of her freedom away from family, a man mysteriously disappears without leaving a trace, a woman fights with determination to leave something behind, and a territory that is formed multiple times before us.

This programme, which is aptly named “singular plurality”, brings together exceptional works of art. It is with immense pride that I present this odyssey composed of five films, which I am sure will take you to a new horizon. I invite you to give in to this programme as you would a journey; with an open heart, and filled with hope.

Miryam Charles

The Films

ALTIPLANO, Malena Szlam (Experimental, Argentina/Chile/Canada, 2018)

Artist and filmmaker Malena Szlam upends properties of light, time, form and colour to create a daring reinvention of the landscape study, one that transforms the geological universe of the Andes Mountains into a space both ancient and wholly alien.

JARVIK, Emilie Mannering (Fiction, Canada, 2019)

As the summer nears its end, Léa desperately needs some room to breathe. How­ever, her brother’s mechanical heart constantly reminds her that life hangs by a thread.

LES ÈVAPORÈS (THE EVAPORATED PEOPLE), Yann­-Manuel Hernandez (Fiction, Canada, 2019)

On 1 August 2008, Marc B. was seen for the last time near Dorwin Falls in Rawdon. He vanished without leaving a trace, like thousands of others around the world. They are called “Johatsu”, the Evaporated.

CHERCHE FEMME FORTE (STRONG WOMEN WANTED), Marilyn Cooke (Fiction, Canada, 2019)

Nadège lacks the confidence to get what she wants from life... until the day she discovers a new passion that awakens the beast inside her.

TERRES FANTôMES (GHOST LAND), Félix Lamarche (Experimental, Canada, 2019)

In the 1970s, a new planning policy forced residents of several villages in the interior of Gaspésie to leave their homes and move to the coast. Félix Lamarche explores the consequences of this brutal, disturbing event.