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Beyond the cinema auditoriums, the FILMFEST DRESDEN offers its guests numerous opportunities to delve even deeper into the world of short film. The "etc. events. trainings. connections" section gives media professionals scope for exchanges on a professional level, as well as for networking and further training in workshops, panel discussions and information events.

With kind support of the Development Agency of Saxony (SAB)

Tue, 17.04. 19:00 | Schauburg
Official Opening of the 30th FILMFEST DRESDEN
What better reason to celebrate – than on an anniversary occasion! The festival is starting its 30th round with some tasty filmic samples and a nibble of the highlights to come during the week. Followed by the filmmakers, juries, partners and audience raising a toast to this festival edition.
Admission: € 7.50 or by invitation or accreditation
With translation into German sign language

Wed, 18.04. – Fri, 20.04. | Hole of Fame
Script Development Workshop
From 18 to 20 April 2018, filmmakers with a screenplay for a narrative short film can receive competent and comprehensive advice and guidance from the director, author and experienced MIDPOINT tutor Csaba Bollók.
With kind support of Dt-Tsch. Zukunftsfonds, Stiftung Dt. – Poln. Zusammenarbeit, Landesdirektion Sachsen

Wed, 18.04. – Fri, 20.04. daily at 17:00 | Schauburg
Mix & Match – Industry Get-Together
With a glass in the one hand and a bite to eat in the other – and the next film idea has already been envisaged or a new contact made. The daily Industry Get-Together is the ideal setting to have exchanges, network with and get to know other filmmakers and media professionals from the short film scene.
By accreditation
With kind support of Dt-Tsch. Zukunftsfonds, Stiftung Dt. – Poln. Zusammenarbeit, Landesdirektion Sachsen

Wed – Fri daily at 19:00 | National Competition | Filmgalerie Phase IV
 Thu – Fri daily at 17:00 | International Competition | Filmgalerie Phase IV
Sandwich Talks – Meet the Filmmakers
Yet again this year there are opportunities to ask the filmmakers in the National and International Competitions all of the questions blazing away inside you. With finger food and limo to keep it all flowing along in a relaxed atmosphere.
Free admission, in German (National Competition) or English (International Competition)
 In cooperation with Filmgalerie Phase IV

Wed, 18.04. 19:00 | Galerie Raskolnikow
Exhibition Opening: The Elbe – People at the River
Harald Hauswald was one of the best known photographers in East German GDR. In 1984, he undertook several trips along the Elbe River together with Rüdiger Rosenthal. The exhibition shows the black and white photographs taken on these travels of people, nature and violations of the environment. At that time, these photographic documents resulted in house searches and led to a ban on their publication. The exhibition runs until 26.05.2018.                                  
 Presented by Kunsthaus Raskolnikow / Galerie e.V.
With kind support of Sächsicher Landtag, OSTKREUZ – Agentur der Fotografen GmbH

Thu, 19.04. 10:00 | Filmgalerie Phase IV
SHORT Questions: Advice from AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association – for Filmmakers
How do I organise my festival submissions? Which strategies make sense? Where else can I have my film screened? How can the German Short Film Association support filmmakers? Which film funding and support is available in Germany? How does the so-called reference funding from the German Federal Film Board (FFA) work? How does the lobbying work conducted by the German Short Film Association help me as a filmmaker? Jana Cernik and Jutta Wille, the two Managing Directors of the German Short Film Association, are looking forward to answering these and any other questions, and at the same time holding discussions with the filmmakers about their working conditions and issues.
By accreditation, in German
Presented by AG Kurzfilm

Thu, 19.04. 12:00 | Schauburg
Talk: Georgian Animation
In 2019, Georgian animation film is reaching the grand old age of 90. We are looking back on the animated film history of this East European country and presenting new talents from the region.
By accreditation, in English
Presented by Nikozi Film Festival. With kind support of Landesdirektion Sachsen, National Georgian Film Center

Thu, 19.04. 15:00 | German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) Technische Sammlungen Dresden
Exhibition Opening: Latent Movement – Piotr Kamler, Materials and Time
In his audio-visual explorations and fables, Piotr Kamler scrutinises the laws of time. And doing so, he opens up coherent spaces for the improbable in the universe. His experimenting with materials and processes made him one of the most productive researchers within the circles of Pierre Schaeffer, the pioneer of electroacoustic sounds. The artist returned to Warsaw, his Polish city of his birth, and has lived there since 1986, where he devotes himself to his so-called "spatial drawings". In the special exhibition, these sculptures reveal new visual axes to his narrative and abstract filmic works. Two accompanying film programmes are being presented as part of the 30th FILMFEST DRESDEN (see page 69).
Presented by the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF)

Thu, 19.04. 19:00 | Schauburg
Retrospective: The Stolen Revolt – 1968 in the GDR
Film Programme and Panel Discussion

In August 1968, the student and social protests worldwide against the self-complacent ruling elites, who were increasingly regarded with reproach, reached a culmination – both in the East and the West. In the GDR, a very special situation prevailed in this regard. As a result of the 11th Plenum in December 1965 and the repressions levelled against the rebellious youth culture, a deadly calm had already recurred here three years before the key year of 1968. Together with Dr. Claus Löser, Lutz Rathenow, Professor Lutz Dammbeck, Barbara Metselaar Berthold and Dr. Stefan Wolle are discussing these historic events, as well as aesthetic and political phenomena and their impacts through to the present day.
Admission € 7.50 or by accreditation
In cooperation with Sächsischer Landesbeauftragter zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur und der DEFA-Stiftung

Thu, 19.04. 19:30 | Schloss Wackerbarth
Festival Dinner
In cooperation with the Development Agency of Saxony (SAB), FILMFEST DRESDEN is inviting guests to a dinner at the Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth state winery. The perfect place to exchange views and opinions, network and initiate new projects with other filmmakers, producers and representatives of the film scene.
By invitation
With kind support of SAB Sächsische Aufbaubank

Fri, 20.04. 11:00 | Schauburg
Panel Discussion: Film Licences for Short Films Too? Absolutely!
The fact that cinemas and festivals pay licence fees for feature-length films is rarely questioned. But this is not the case with short films. Yet just as much work is accorded to them, most of which is barely remunerated. Thus, a fair payment for short film screenings would represent a good start. But how much is fair? How can a distributor help? Which obligations do festivals have in relation to the filmmakers? And which contribution can funding and support institutions make so that is it also feasible to pay fair licence fees for short films? Our intention with this panel discussion is to initiate a sustained discussion in this regard and find some long-term approaches to solutions.
By accreditation, in English
In cooperation with KurzfilmAgentur Hamburg.

With kind support of Dt-Tsch. Zukunftsfonds, Stiftung Dt. – Poln. Zusammenarbeit, Landesdirektion Sachsen

Fri, 20.04. 14:00 | Altes Wettbüro
 The Animation Round/Animation Meet and Mingle
Dresden and the World
The regular animation rounds in Leipzig held by AG Animationsfilm, the German Animation Film Association, and the film rounds in Dresden from the FILMACHSE group are inviting regional and international animation filmmakers to come together for a relaxing exchange of their opinions and views. The aim is to avail of the cosy atmosphere to get to know each other, pose questions, have chats with funders and present projects.
Presented by AG Animationsfilm und FILMACHSE

Fri, 20.04. 17:30 | Kleines Haus Mitte
Industry Rendezvous with Dresden-based Film Institutions
Yet again this year, together with the Dresden-based film institutes – the Saxony Film Association (Filmverband Sachsen), the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF), the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm) and the dresdner schmalfilmtage film event – FILMFEST DRESDEN and the MDR TV broadcaster are inviting all those interested to join them at this reception. Filmmakers from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are attending the event and presenting their latest works to the audience afterwards at the Regional Film Night.
By invitation, in German
Presented by MDR, AG Kurzfilm, DIAF, schmalfilmtage, Filmverband Sachsen, Filmfest Dresden

Fri, 20.04. 20:30 | Rundkino Dresden
A Wall Is a Screen
The name says it all. With a projector to the ready, any wall can be transformed into a film screen during this short film ramble, with the viewers set to enjoy some highly unusual perspectives of the city. The route to be taken? Still a secret. And the films? You just have to wait and see there too. A visual experience of a unique kind? Guaranteed!
The short film ramble takes about 1.5 hours and will be held regardless of the weather.
Presented by A WALL IS A SCREEN

Sat, 21.04. 11:00 – 14:00 | Max Neustadt
ARTE Brunch

As a longstanding festival prize sponsor, the ARTE TV broadcaster is holding a festival brunch yet again this year. Filmmakers, editors, journalists and industry representatives are warmly invited to get together and exchange views and opinions in a pleasant atmosphere.
By invitation
 Presented by ARTE

Big Names, Small Talks
Sat, 21.04. 14:00 – 16:00 | Guest Office/Altes Wettbüro
This exclusive event offers film and media professionals attending the festival the unique opportunity to have talks and discussions with important personalities from the short film scene. After registering for the event, 10-minute small talks with TV commissioning editors, festival organisers and representatives of film funding bodies can be booked. Individual questions can then be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere during the one-to-one meetings and important contacts established.
Please register by email for the event by 20.04. to (For all details, please check our PDF)

This year's big names include:
Christine Berg, Germany: Deputy Chairwoman of the German Federal Film Board (FFA) since 2012 with responsibility for its complete funding area
Christoph Bovermann, Germany: Short Film Category Coordinator at the European Film Academy for the European Film Prize
Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, Germany:
Kuratorium junger deutscher Film (Young German Film Curatorship), Talent Film Project Supervisor
Laurence Rilly, France:
ARTE Commission Editor for Short Film
Enrico Vannucci, Italy: Short Film Programme Advisor at the Venice Film Festival, as well as Curator at the Torino Short Film Market
Thom Palmen, Umeå Europeiska Filmfestival
Christine Berg, FFA - Filmförderungsanstalt
By accreditation and following registration for the event

Sat, 21.04. 16:30 – 18.30 | Schauburg
Masterclass with Ibolya Fekete: Documentary and Fiction in Feature Film
In this masterclass, the Hungarian director Ibolya Fekete is providing insights into her filmic oeuvre, in which the borders between the fictional and the documentary become blurred and frequently incorporates historic events in Europe. This is followed by a related screening of Fekete's BOLSHE VITA (see page 74).
In English
 In cooperation with the European Film Academy. With kind support of Dt-Tsch. Zukunftsfonds, Stiftung Dt. – Poln. Zusammenarbeit, Landesdirektion Sachsen

Sat, 21.04. 20:00 | Kleines Haus 1
Golden Horsemen Awards Ceremony
The decisions by the juries are due to be officially announced on the evening of the awards ceremony. A total of ten Golden Horsemen and prizes worth € 67,000 are waiting to be scooped up.
Admission € 7.50 or by invitation or accreditation
With translation into German sign language

Sat, 21.04. 22:00 | Altes Wettbüro
Festival Party: Eurodance

After the awards ceremony, there are more than enough reasons to party. Get ready to groove along to Lilabungalow (Erfurt) and the DJs FlexibleHeart (Dresden) and Lenard Opeskin (Dresden). With the TOP 100 Eurodance Classic from the FILMFEST DRESDEN Crew waiting for you in the garden bar!
€ 7 at box office / € 5 pre-sales from 09.03.18 in the Alten Wettbüro and via eventim
Presented by Altes Wettbüro and Pfadfinder Bookin