Events for Media Professionals and the General Public at the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN

In addition to its extensive range of film programmes, the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN is again providing numerous opportunities for its media visitors to have professional exchanges. At various different events, they can network, be informed and gain further training – all to their hearts’ content. A wide and diverse array of workshops, panel discussions and info evenings are awaiting them. Likewise, exciting parties, occasions and other events are included in its "etc. – events.  trainings. connections." section. Take a leap into the festival turmoil and gain the maximum from it.

Programm 2019

Official Opening of the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN

Tue, 9 April 19:00 * Schauburg

It’s that time again: FILMFEST DRESDEN is starting this year’s edition. Get ready for a week full of fantastic short films, numerous guests and thrilling events. And we are even providing a taste of the festival’s extensive programme during the opening. So raise your cups and your anchors for the latest short film adventures.

Admission €7.50 or by invitation or accreditation

With translation into German sign language


Workshop: Talking Shorts – Writing about Short Film

Fri, 5 April – Sat, 13 April * Hole of Fame

For the first time as part of the Visegrád Forum, a workshop on short film reviews and critic writing is being held. Already prior to the festival, the participants received extensive instruction on all aspects of short film review writing from top-name film critics. Permitting them not only to view films during the festival, but especially to write about them. Over the course of the year, the reviews will them be released on the new platform


Analogue Dreams Workshop: Homage to Derek Jarman

Wed, 10 April – Sat, 13 April * Grüne Ecke

This year, FILMFEST DRESDEN is devoting a tribute to Derek Jarman. Fittingly, we are also examining analogue film art anew in our workshop this year. From 10 to 13 April 2019, filmmakers can shoot a short film on 8 or 16 mm footage under the watchful eye of the experienced director and author Csaba Bollók.


Mix & Match – Industry Get-Together

Wed, 10 April – Fri, 12 April daily at 17:00 * Schauburg

What can be better than snacks and drinks to get everyone talking? And your personal network even expands by itself doing so at the daily Industry Get-Together. An opportunity not to be missed.

By accreditation


Sandwich Talks – Meet the Filmmakers

National Competition:

Wed, 10 April – Fri, 12 April daily at 17:00 * Filmgalerie Phase IV

International Competition:

Wed, 10 April – Fri, 12 April daily at 19:00 * Filmgalerie Phase IV

You’ve just watched a Competition programme and would love to know how, where and why, and what was so great about what you saw? Then the Sandwich Talks are the exact right place for you. The filmmakers are available here every day to answer your questions.

Free admission, in German (National Competition) or English (International Competition)


Discussion: Between Today and Yesterday – Moving Standstill

Wed, 10 April 15:00 * Schauburg

Cuba is currently facing upheavals, with a young generation of filmmakers struggling for recognition and visibility. They are exploring themes of relevance to society, and at times also casting a critical eye on the legacy of the revolution. In the discussion, being held in conjunction with this year’s special focus programme at FILMFEST DRESDEN, among others, the scientist Laura-Zoë Humphreys, who lives in the USA, will discuss social criticism and censorship in Cuban cinema today.

Free admission, in English


Film Programme and Discussion:  Journey through Time – Christian Borchert’s Cinematic Works

Wed, 10 April 19:30 * SLUB

Christian Borchert (1942-2000) was counted among the most important photographers in the GDR and the post-unification period in Germany. That he also had cinematic ambitions has mainly remained unknown to the present day. For the first time ever, examples from his secondary field of compact art are being screened and commented on. The art historian Bertram Kaschek and the film expert Claus Löser will position his footage within its film-history context, as well as within Borchert’s photographic oeuvre.

Free admission, in German


Exhibition Opening: Until We Grow Wings / Surfing Buena Vista

Wed, 10 April 20:00 * Galerie Raskolnikow

In their artistic works, Alfredo Ramos Fernández and Katarzyna Badach explore locations in Cuba where both time and space have become dissolved: Utopian places that serve as a projection surface for the yearnings for beauty and the hope of a better future.

The exhibition is being held until 25 May 2019.    

Free admission


Reception 5 Years of Best Film Sound Design

Wed, 10 April 22:00 * Ballroom Studios

Already for the fifth time, the Ballroom Studios are awarding the Golden Horseman trophy for the best film sound design. Providing a reason to celebrate and come along to this musical anniversary event. The prize-winning films from past years are being screened.

As a special highlight, the pianist Vincent Meissner together with musicians and students from the Sächsisches Landesgymnasium für Musik state school of music are performing the soundtracks live to several of the competition films.

By invitation.


Go Forward!

Thu, 11 April 10:00 * Schauburg

During this event, filmmakers and other interested parties can inform themselves about the various further training and similar programmes. The CEE Animation Forum is being presented, as well as numerous workshops from the SOFA School of Film Agents, European Audiovisual Engineers EAVE and LIM – Less Is More, at the event.

By accreditation, in English


Presentation: The Search for the Right Music

Thu, 11 April 13:00 * Schauburg

How do I get the music tracks that best match my film quickly and effectively? The music and licence consultant Barbara Hintermeier shows you exactly how to go about this by taking the music search machine SONOfind as an example. The topics include: Finding music similar to your favourite track, excluding terms or words from your search, finding instrumental works only, and much more.

By accreditation, in English


Talk: Music in Film – Rights Clearances and Licences

Thu, 11 April 14:30 * Schauburg

How do I obtain the licence for the use of music, what do I have to do with GEMA and the other performing rights societies, which costs can I expect? Erika Oltmanns from Sonoton Music is ready to answer these questions and many more. Whether a cinema, TV or social media production – when the budget cannot pay for a dedication composition, the production music libraries are the best choice.

By accreditation, in German


City Tour

Thu, 11 April 13:00 * Meeting Place: Schauburg

FILMFEST DRESDEN is inviting its guests on a tour of Dresden. The tour ends at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden, right on time for the exhibition opening there: Animated Painting – Paintings as Films.

By accreditation, in English


Exhibition Opening: Animated Painting – Paintings as Films

Thu, 11.4. 15:00 * DIAF (Technische Sammlungen Dresden)

Seven artists from various countries and generations have taken differing routes to approach the phenomenon of implementing techniques from painting into moving images. In this process consisting of a creative dialogue, the animated oil paintings with their original materials and models are to the fore – the "ultimate discipline" in animation film. The exhibition shines a light on the various techniques and explores them. Two accompanying film programmes are being screened at the 31 FILMFEST DRESDEN. The exhibition can be viewed until 03.11.2019.


Discussion: Gender Talks

Thu, 11 April 16:00 * Schauburg

Just a glance at this year’s competitions tells you: Gender is a major theme among the filmmakers. Many films from Scandinavia, as well as works from countries with more conservative attitudes, such as Brazil or Ireland, are exploring the subject, whether as sexual self-determination, gender reassignments or same-sex marriages. The filmmakers speak about their experience during their shoots, why they regard the subject to be so important and how such topics are accepted in their country of origin.

The panel discussion is being held as part of BE SHORT NOW!, an initiative from the Torino Short Film Market.

Free admission, in English


Whoever polemicizes wins? A discussion on phenomena of vilification and invective.

Thu, 11 April 17:30 * Schauburg

The term invectivity refers to all aspects of communication intended to expose and insult – regardless of whether they are verbal, written or visual. A discussion is being held with guests and academics from the TU Technical University Dresden of how films are able to fathom the limits of what may be borne or expressed, as well as how audio-visual concepts of the medium are capable of making dynamics of debasement something we experience and feel. The discussion round is occurring concurrently to the special programme "Discourse on Europe: The Age of Rage".

Free admission, in German


Discussion: What's the Point of Screening Fees?

Fri, 12 April 11:00 * Schauburg

What's the Point – is the name of a new series intended to scrutinise and examine current short film topics. In 2018, we already discussed the issue of a lack of money to pay pre-film screening fees, and in 2019 we are now looking at solutions to this. Moderated by Daniel Ebner, the intention is to discuss models and approaches for how festivals are able to pay fair fees, which amounts would be appropriate, and whether a general rule could be implemented here at all.

By accreditation, in English


Discussion Round: FIRST STEPS and Beyond

Fri, 12 April 15:00 * Schauburg

The German "FIRST STEPS" awards have been given since 2000 to excellent graduation films from students in film schools in German-speaking countries. The FIRST STEPS nominees Nathan Nill, Erik Schmitt and Julia Ocker are speaking about their different careers, as well as about how they were able to get their foot in the door of the movie industry. The panel discussion is being moderated by the Artistic Head of FIRST STEPS, Andrea Hohnen.

Free admission, in German


Industry Rendezvous with Dresden-based Film Institutes

Fri, 12 April 17:30 * Kleines Haus Mitte

Yet again at this year’s festival edition, we would like to provide a unique platform to the regional filmmakers. Together with the Dresden-based film institutes – the Saxony Film Association (Filmverband Sachsen), the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF), the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm) and the dresdner schmalfilmtage film event – FILMFEST DRESDEN and the MDR TV broadcaster are inviting all those interested to join them yet again at this reception. Filmmakers from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are attending the event and presenting their latest works to the audience afterwards at the Regional Film Night.

By invitation, in German


Random Home Cinema: Kitchen Stories

Fri, 12 April 18:00 * TBA

As part of the Random Home Cinema initiative, for several years now people in Poznán have been opening their apartment doors for short film evenings of a special kind. And we would now like to issue such an invitation to eat. Our chefs? Lovers of short film from Italy, Canada and Poland. The location? Strictly secret! Our guests? You! As the places are very limited, lots will be drawn on the evening for who can attend. The lots can be bought for €1 either in our Guest Centre or at the info counter in the Schauburg cinema. Detailed information is available at

By invitation


ARTE Brunch

Sat, 13 April 11:00 – 14:00 * Max Neustadt

The festival would be inconceivable without its annual ARTE Brunch. Yet again this year, the TV broadcaster and sponsor of the ARTE Short Film Prize is warmly inviting filmmakers, editors, journalists and industry representatives to join them at its pleasant brunch and exchange their opinions and views.  

By invitation


Big Names, Small Talks

Sat, 13 April 14:00 – 16:00 * Guest Centre/ Altes Wettbüro

This exclusive event offers film and media professionals attending the festival the unique opportunity to have talks and discussions with important personalities from the short film scene. After registering for the event, 10-minute small talks with TV commissioning editors, festival organisers, producers and representatives of film funding bodies can be booked. Individual questions can then be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere during the one-to-one meetings and important contacts established. Detailed information on this year’s big names can be found here.

Please register by email with details of the requested big name by 12 April to

By accreditation and following registration


Masterclass with Jochen Kuhn: Between Film and Art

Sat, 13 April 16:00 * Schauburg

Jochen Kuhn is counted among the best known filmmakers in Germany. An insight into his oeuvre, which frequently moves between film and art, is being provided by the tribute programme "Animated 1: Jochen Kuhn – Between Film and Art". This is followed by a masterclass in which the filmmaker speaks his extensive artistic output.

Free admission, in German



Sat, 13 April 20:00 * Kleines Haus

The highly anticipated decisions by the juries are expected on the evening of the awards ceremony. A total of 10 Golden Horsemen and prizes worth €67,000 are being handed over.

Admission €7.50 or by invitation or accreditation

With translation into German sign language


Festival Aftershow Party

Sat, 13 April 22:00 * Altes Wettbüro

We’re celebrating the conclusion to a thrilling festival week and dancing through the night to Banda Internationale (Dresden) and the DJs Greata /dj (Leipzig) and Lenard Opeskin (Dresden). The TOP 100 of the FILMFEST DRESDEN Crew can be heard in the Garden Bar.

€7.00 box office/ €5.00 via eventim and at all advance booking agencies