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Beyond the cinema auditoriums, the FILMFEST DRESDEN offers its guests numerous opportunities to delve even deeper into the world of short film. The "etc. events. trainings. connections" section gives media professionals scope for exchanges on a professional level, as well as for networking and further training in workshops, panel discussions and information events.

With kind support of the Development Agency of Saxony (SAB)

Programme 2017

Visegrád in Short(s)
The Visegrád countries have been on a cinematic high in recent years. But does such international success and recognition also reflect upon the short film production in the region? Visegrád in Short(s) seeks answers to these issues and provides insights into co-production opportunities, festival strategies and funding options. In addition to the masterclasses, there are also numerous networking opportunities. The Open Film Night gives justice to the diversity of short Visegrád productions and presents films from this year's participants. We are also very happy to collaborate with MIDPOINT for the first time in the event, and a select group of filmmakers are to receive one-to-one tutoring during an intensive three-day script development workshop.
With kind support of the Visegrád Fund, German-Czech Future Fund

Official Opening of the 29 FILMFEST DRESDEN
Tue, 4 April * 19:00 * Schauburg/Leone

We are celebrating the kick-off to the 29th edition of the festival with some filmic delights and a foretaste of the highlights to come during the festive week. Followed by the filmmakers, juries, partners and guests raising a toast to an exciting festival.
Tickets €7.50 or by invitation/accreditation

Wed, 5 April – Fri, 7 April * Dreikönigskirche

The WIDENING THE FRAME workshop for filmmakers, headed by the director Michael Achtman, is being held during the festival week. The workshop focuses on the subject of ACCESSIBLE FILMMAKING and reveals ways and opportunities for including and involving filmmakers, actors and crew members with disabilities in the process of filmmaking.
With kind support of the Saxon Regional Management Body, Social Welfare Office

MIDPOINT Script Development Workshop
Thurs, 6 April to Sat, 8 April * Hole of Fame

As part of the Visegrád in Short(s) platform, selected participants are attending an intensive script development course and developing their own short film projects with the assistance and support of a prestigious tutor.
With kind support of the Visegrád Fund, German-Czech Future Fund. In collaboration with MIDPOINT

Film Library
Tue, 4 April – Sat, 8 April * Societaetstheater

The Film Library at FILMFEST DRESDEN provides several viewing facilities at which accredited guests, media and press representatives can access all film submissions to the current festival edition. In addition, all of the films in the National and International Competitions, as well as a selection of the special programmes can be viewed here. With the help of special search tools, the films can be researched in a targeted manner and viewed as high-quality streams.
Access by accreditation
Opening times:
Tue, 4 April: 14:00 – 19:00
Wed, 5 April – Sat, 8 April: 9:00 – 19:00

Panel Discussion: Film in War – Life in Exile
Wed, 5 April * 16:30 * Societaetstheater

Film has been accorded a unique role in the documentation of and artistic reflection on the Syrian civil war. Taking their personal experiences as the basis, with the Syrian filmmakers Hala Al-Abdallah (Hama/Paris), Alfoz Tanjour (Salamiyya/Vienna), Jalal Maghout (Aleppo/Berlin) and Zaina Erhaim (Aleppo/Turkey) we are discussing the strategies, opportunities and risks of filmmaking under the circumstances of war and exile.
In English
With kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Saxon State Chancellery, Local Programme of Action Group

Presentation: Syria Mobile Film Festival
Wed, 5 April * 17:45 * Societaetstheater

The Syria Mobile Film Festival regards itself as a platform for mobile phone films, which currently represent the most important means of documentation in this country ravaged by war, and they are symbolic for the struggle for freedom of speech and opinion. Since 2014 the festival, which also aims to support the production of creative mobile phone films without major budgets, has brought together professional filmmakers and amateurs. Moreover, funding, prizes and special training for filmmakers are awarded at the event.
By accreditation, in English
With kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Saxon State Chancellery, Local Programme of Action Group

Mix & Match – Industry Get-Together
Wed, 5 April – Fri, 7 April * daily at 18:00 * Societaetstheater

With a glass in the one hand and a snack in the other one – and the next film idea has already been considered or a new contact established. The daily Industry Get-Together provides the perfect setting to have exchanges, network with and get to know other filmmakers and media professionals from the short film scene.
By accreditation
With kind support of the Visegrád Fund, German-Czech Future Fund

Sandwich Talks
National Competition: Wed – Fri daily at 19:00
International Competition: Thurs – Fri daily at 17:00 * Filmgalerie Phase IV

Art for art's sake? No way! This is your chance to ask the filmmakers of this year's National and International Competition films about whatever is rumbling in your tummies – filmically speaking. And to stop that rumbling getting too loud, English snacks are available during the discussions.
Free admission, in German (National Competition) and English (International Competition)
In cooperation with Filmgalerie Phase IV. With kind support of England, England

Talk: Do I Get Money for This? Short film Coproduction and Funding
Thurs, 6 April * 12:00 * Societaetstheater

Europe is growing together, isn't it? How can I have my short film coproduced? Who are my contact persons? Where do I find a coproducer? Where does the money come from? And why it is worth having a look eastwards? Producers and filmmakers are speaking about their experience in these areas, followed by a question and answer session.
By accreditation, in English
Presented by the Czech Film Center, the Slovak Film Institute. With kind support of the Visegrád Fund, German-Czech Future Fund

Short Film Circle
Thurs, 6 April * 14:00 * Societaetstheater

Short film – is an all-round thing! The Short Film Circle is providing a 360° panoramic view of the international short film scene. With representatives of national interest groups through to international distributors and television channels attending the event. And it is just a short step to establishing direct contacts with them.
By accreditation, in English

Exhibition Opening: Animation Film Collectives
Thurs, 6 April * 16:00 * German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) Technische Sammlungen Dresden

The future of animated film can be found in collectives such as Talking Animals (Berlin), Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm (Vienna) and YK Animation Studio (Bern). Founded between 2006 and 2011, they combine auteur films and commissioned works in a shared studio, bringing together a diversity of personalities and stylistic directions doing so. Film examples, artworks and interviews reveal parallels in their creative processes, as well as in their unique working methods and artistic positions. For the first time ever, animation film collectives are being complied in one exhibition. This special exhibition can be seen until 17 September 2017.
Presented by German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF)

Festival Dinner
Thurs, 6 April * 19:30 * Schloss Wackerbarth

In cooperation with the Development Agency of Saxony (SAB), FILMFEST DRESDEN is inviting filmmakers and representatives to a dinner at the Staatsweingut Schloss Wackerbarth state winery. The perfect place to exchange views and opinions, network and initiate new projects with other filmmakers, producers and members of the film scene.
By invitation
With kind support of the Development Agency of Saxony (SAB)

Talk: How to Festival
Fri, 7 April * 11:00 * Societaetstheater

Cannes or Berlin, Krakow or Dresden? How do I find a suitable festival for my short film? And how does a suitable festival actually find my short film? Who can help me do this? Festival organisers and strategists provide insights into how to send your film off into the big wide world out there – successfully.
By accreditation, in English
Presented by, Krakow Film Foundation. With kind support of the Visegrád Fund, German-Czech Future Fund

Exhibition Opening: RUPTURES IN TIME – Beyond the Frame
Fri, 7 April * 11:00 Uhr * Galerie Raskolnikow
Photography and moving images are framings created by the eye of the camera. The surreal hybrid compositions consisting of photographic series and video works by the Dresden-based filmmaker David Campesino encourage the viewers to pose questions about the reference system for images. The exhibition runs until 20 May 2017.
 Presented by Kunsthaus Raskolnikow, Galerie e. V.

In Discussion: The Syrian Director Ossama Mohammed
Fri, 7 April * 14:00 * Societaetstheater
Ossama Mohammed is counted among the most well-known filmmakers in Syria and has shaped auteur film in his country since the 1970s. However his highly socio-critical films, which have been screened at numerous international festivals (most recently SILVERED WATER in Cannes), are banned in his home country. The director provides some insights into his oeuvre in this masterclass.
In English
With kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Saxon State Chancellery, Local Programme of Action Group

Industry Rendezvous with Dresden-based Film Institutions
Fri, 7 April * 17:30 * Kleines Haus Mitte
Already for the 10th time, the industry rendezvous with Dresden-based film institutions is being held during FILMFEST DRESDEN. Yet again this year, together with the Saxony Film Association (Filmverband Sachsen), the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF), the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm) and the dresdner schmalfilmtage film event, FILMFEST DRESDEN is inviting all those interested to join them at this reception. Promising talent from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia will attend the event and present their latest works to the audience afterwards at the Regional Filmnight.
By invitation. In German
Presented by the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm), the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF), the schmalfilmtage film event, the Saxony Film Association (Filmverband Sachsen) and FILMFEST DRESDEN. With kind support of the MDR public TV broadcaster

Panel Discussion: Why Make the Effort? How Accessible Films Are Also Good for the Industry!
Sat, 8 April * 10:00 * Societaetstheater

The awareness is growing within the film industry for audio versions of films and subtitles for people with hearing impairments thanks to the guidelines and requirements set by official film funding bodies. As a rule however, they still trigger off uncertainties there, if not outright rejection. Yet is the oft-repeated claim true that making films accessible is a luxury which is expensive and superficial especially, and mainly a socio-political necessity for inclusion purposes? Or do they offer opportunities above and beyond this inclusion aspect which have not been recognised? Should the industry just do the absolute minimum required, or can it also profit from such accessibility?
In English
 With kind support of the Saxon Regional Management Body, Social Welfare Office

ARTE Brunch
Sat, 8 April * 11:00 – 14:00 * Max Neustadt
As a longstanding festival prize sponsor, the ARTE TV broadcaster is holding a festival brunch yet again this year. Filmmakers, editors, journalists and industry representatives are warmly invited to get together and exchange views and opinions in a pleasant atmosphere.
By invitation.
Presented by ARTE

Big Names, Small Talks
Sat, 8 April * 14:00 – 16:00 * Guest Centre/Altes Wettbüro
This exclusive event offers film and media professionals attending the festival the unique opportunity to have talks and discussions with important personalities from the short film scene. After registering for the event, 10-minute small talks with TV commissioning editors, festival organisers and representatives of film funding bodies can be booked. Individual questions can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere during the one-to-one meetings and important contacts established.
Please register for the event by 7 April 2017 by email to
This year's big names include:
Karin Schyle, Germany: Project Coordination, Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Foundation for International Cooperation
Peter van Hoof: Short Film Curator at the International Film Festival Rotterdam,
Christoph Bovermann, Germany: coordinator of the European Film Award at the European Film Academy
Find all information here.

Masterclass with Denis Coté
Sat, 8 April * 15:00 * Societaetstheater
The internationally renowned and multi-award winning director Denis Côté is a member of the International Jury this year. On 8 April 2017, he is showing a selection of his short films, followed by a masterclass open to the public in which he provides some insights into his extensive output in both the short and long film areas.
In English

Golden Horsemen Awards Ceremony
Sat, 8 April * 20:00 * Kleines Haus 1
All the secrets are revealed on the evening of the Awards Ceremony. With nine Golden Horsemen and prizes worth €66,000 waiting to be handed out at the event.
Tickets €7.50 or by invitation/accreditation

Festival Party
Sat, 8 April * 22:00 * Altes Wettbüro
Once the prize-winners have been announced and the Golden Horsemen awarded, there is all the more reason to celebrate! So get ready to groove to Sascha Schlegel (Berlin), Preller (Leipzig) and Greata /dj (Leipzig). In the Garden Bar, the TOP 100 from the FILMFEST DRESDEN Crew are also waiting to be heard.
Tickets €6 pre-sale or by accreditation
Presented by Altes Wettbüro, Pfadfinder Booking