Audiocast: A sense of place

At the 36 FILMFEST DRESDEN, films from the A Sense of Place project will be shown in a screening at the Schauburg cinema and in several open-air screenings, each with free admission:

  • Screening at the Schauburg Kino: Thursday, 18 April 2024, 3:30 pm
  • Screenings at the Open Air: The films will be shown repeatedly between 10 am and 2 pm.

These screenings will be accompanied by poetic audiocasts that can be accessed and listened to here. In these audiocasts, locals who have recently moved to Dresden from far away rediscover this city and Wim Wenders talks about the idea of A Sense of Place. These audiocasts are linked to two specific places in Dresden that you can visit while listening to them.

  • Audiocast 1 and 2 are to be heard in the Alaunpark near the festival theatre Schauburg in Dresden.
  • Audiocast 3 can be imagined standing above the stairs at the FILMFEST DRESDEN Open Air. Address: Brühlsche Terrassen, right next to the Schloßplatz, Dresden.

You can find the audiocasts here:


“Places. We owe them respect as they have a deeper meaning for us than just being there. They accompany us in silence. They shape our lives and our history. They are our stage.” Wim Wenders, “A Sense of Place”, 2005

Film curator Afsun Moshiry was fascinated by this phrase from the book “A Sense of Place” by Wim Wenders while she was in Iran, as she wondered how to preserve places within cinematic works and make them eternal. When back in Germany in 2021, together with the Wim Wenders Foundation she started the episodic film project and invited six Iranian filmmakers to embark on this journey between Iran, Germany and France. From the troglodytes in rural Iran to the luxurious buildings of Tehran, from a beach constantly threatened by war to a wandering transit in an airport to a canal in the Paris suburbs where migrants find refuge...

At the 36 FILMFEST DRESDEN films from the project are being shown in one screening at the Schauburg festival cinema, as well as during repeated screenings at the open-air event. These screenings will be accompanied by poetic audio casts, which can be accessed and listened to online. In these casts, locals who recently moved to Dresden from faraway places rediscover this city, while Wim Wenders talks about the idea of a sense of place. The locations associated with each cast can be visited while listening to the audio cast. However, the casts also function independent from the locations. Let your thoughts wander with them!
The following films will be shown:

At the open-air event, the films PHOBOS (directed by Mina Keshavarz) and IN TRANSIT (directed by Azin Feizabadi) are being shown repeatedly during the entire festival week, always before the actual film programme. On 16 April 2024, the films are being screened there between 12.00 and 19.00, while on the other days between 10.00 and 14.00.

The following films will be screened on Thu, 18 April at 15:30:
HOLLOW by Mohamadreza Farzad (2023) 15 min
DENSITY OF EMPTINESS by Shirin Barghnavard (2023) 20 min
MALTOURNÉE by Pooya Abbasian (2023) 20 min

Free admission, in English


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