LUCA-Short Film Tour for Gender Diversity

Small but nice, short but witty - the genre of short film is a varied field of experimentation and a creative treasure trove at the same time. In its artistic diversity, the short film represents social and human diversity. But not only the diversity of genders, lifestyles, identities and biographies is the topic of the short film tour, which the LAG Queeres Netzwerk Sachsen, Genderkompetenzzentrum Sachsen, Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Jungen- und Männerarbeit Sachsen e.V., and Filmfest Dresden jointly launched for the fourth time in a row in 2022. The violence that people suffer because of an alleged "otherness" also finds expression. And sometimes it is the solidarity among each other that makes the true greatness in our society.

The six selected films from the FILMFEST DRESDEN programme showed a diversity of genders and lifestyles on the 2022 tour. Last year's winning film of the LUCA Film Award for Gender Equality awaits the audience, reminding them where queer filmmaking originated and how queer people use humour as a weapon to face their struggles. The film programme challenges stereotypical notions of women* and men*, provides insights into the situation of queer people of colour and challenges traditional role expectations. They show: People are diverse and diversity enriches our society.

The films will be introduced and presented individually, and after the programme there will also be an opportunity for conversation and discussion.

Free admission, the film programme will be presented in German.

We can soon reveal the upcoming programme and tour dates.

An event organised and supported by LAG Queeres Netzwerk Sachsen, Genderkompetenzzentrum Sachsen  LAG Jungen- und Männerarbeit Sachsen e.V., and Filmfest Dresden.

Supported by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and Sebastian Cobler Stiftung für Bürgerrechte.