10 Nov: "Different, somehow" at the Diversity Days Dresden

Endless questions about origins, the feeling of being different, an ambivalent search for community: the short film programme DIFFERENT, SOMEHOW shows how diverse society is, but also how standardising society can be. As part of TU Dresden's Diversity Days 2022, we will be presenting five short films on 10 November at Programmkino Ost, including award-winning films from 2019 (IKTAMULI and JUCK) and 2021 (YALLAH HABIBI), which are sometimes quick-witted and provocative, sometimes quiet and abstract, but always dedicated to the diversity of society.

Start: 7:30 pm

Venue: Programmkino Ost, Schandauer Str. 73, 01277 Dresden

Free admission

How do we react when appearance breaks the boundaries of what we are used to? Are we able to accept people as they are? How do we define ourselves when everyone is the same? Moderated by Susanne Braun (moderator, theatre scholar), these and similar questions will run through the evening. Katharina Klappheck, scientist and activist, is responsible for the project "Cinema without Barriers" of the FILMFEST DRESDEN and will add further thoughts on the topics of diversity, low barriers and equality in a discussion.

The film programme

YALLAH HABIBI by Mahnas Sarwari, 2020, Germany, Fiction

During the day, 18-year-old Elaha argues with her mother about cleaning up, at night she works at the club to move in with her friend Ina. With her quick wit, she also faces the endless questions about her origins.

IKTAMULI by Anne-Christin Plate, 2019, Germany, Animation

The film illustrates the thoughts and feelings of a mother regarding her so-called mentally handicapped son. Ambivalent feelings arise in her during everyday life and she struggles to accept him as he is.

JUCK by Olivia Kastebring, Julia Gumpert, Ulrika Bandeira, 2018, Sweden, Fiction/ Documentary.

JUCK is a mixture of documentary, dance and fiction. The film features the female dance group JUCK. That's the Swedish word for fuck and their appearance pushes the boundaries of how we are used to seeing the female body.

KIDS by Michael Frei, 2019, Switzerland, Animation

A short animation exploring diverse group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all the same?

RUPTURE by Yassmina Karajah, 2017, Jordan/ Canada, Fiction

RUPTURE follows four Arab teenagers as they search for the swimming pool in their new Canadian home. The roles are filled by survivors of war who channel their personal experiences of loss and new beginnings through a fictional narrative.

Every year in April, FILMFEST DRESDEN brings over 300 short films from all over the world to Dresden over six festival days. In addition to the competitions, the festival week offers an extensive range of special programmes with thematic and country focuses, retrospectives, youth and children's films. Since 2021, the festival has been focusing on diversity as a key theme, and the next festival edition will mark the end of the trilogy for the time being. In recent years, the festival has increasingly strived for more diversity and accessibility. Low-barrier programmes are an important component, as are efforts to promote gender diversity and equality.

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