Thursday: Experiments - Tales from Birnam Wood

In this programme, experimental films from mostly young filmmakers are being screened as they test new cinematic routes. Doing so, they attempt to explode traditional rules of cinematography or deliberately disregard them. Which means that in their films they are experimenting with genres, images and ...read more



Thursday: Exhibition Opening Animation-disc-o

The ANIMATION-DISC-O exhibition explains the animation principle behind the "wonder wheel", as it was called in the 19th century. 50 discs with a sequence of individual images on them are on display here. When these are turned and then filmed, a movement is created before our eyes. The exhibition has ...read more



Wednesday: A Wall is a Screen

Our tip for you. The name is the programme: With a projector to the ready, any wall can be transformed into a film screen during this short film ramble, with the viewers attending having an opportunity to see some highly unusual perspectives of the city. The route to be taken? Still a secret. The films ...read more



The 26. FILMFEST DRESDEN starts rolling today!

The long wait is now over and the 26th FILMFEST DRESDEN begins today. We are looking forward to an exciting and entertaining week and invite all film fans and those who would like to be one to come and visit our festival cinemas this week. The official start to the festival is being celebrated at 19:00 ...read more



Highlights in the High-rise on Albertplatz

Yet again this year, FILMFEST DRESDEN has added new and unusual screening locations to the festival. On Good Friday, two programmes with specially selected festival highlights are being screened in the high-rise on Albertplatz. Katrin Küchler, one of the festival directors, commented: "Of course ...read more