#FFDDathome #sofascreening from 13 to 18 April 2021

From 13 to 18 April we would have celebrated the 33 FILMFEST DRESDEN together with you. Like last year, we unfortunately have to postpone this and now hope to welcome you from 13 to 18 July. But once again we don't want the original festival week to pass by without short films and invite you again to the #FFDDathome #sofascreening on our social media channels as well as here on the website.

Here you will find all film screenings as well as Zoom Talk Links to join in.

Film Screenings

From 13 to 18 April we will "screen" a Family Short from our Kids and Youth Programmes daily at 3 pm.

At 8 pm, we will follow with a Festival Short from our Competitions as well as Special Programmes of FFDD21.

Family Shorts 6: KIKI THE FEATHER by Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Biano-Levrin

Kiki the canary only knows his cage and the old lady who feeds him. He dreams of flying with the free birds from outside. When at last the door of the cage stays open, he escapes and discovers the big outside where it’s necessary to know how to fly. Finally, being a free bird, it’s scary.

Festival Shorts 6: CANCELLED by Nina Hoffmann (Regional Competition, FFDD21)

CANCELLED is an AnimaDoc about a new intensity of longings during the first lockdown in Germany.

Zoom Live Talks, 6pm each

Tue, 13 April 2021 with Alexandre Dostie (Filmmaker and Curator Focus Québec FFDD21)

Watch back on Facebook (in English)

Wed, 14 April 2021 with Veton Nurkollari (Artistic Director of DokuFest in Kosovo)

Watch back on Facebook (in English)

Thu, 15 April 2021 with Aurora Rodonò (Diversity Manager at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and Curator Special Programme Activism FFDD21)

Watch back on Facebook (in German)

Previous Film Screenings

Festival Shorts 5: VICIOUS by Lucie Müller (Regional Competition, FFDD21)

Family Shorts 5: Fantasia Special Detective Stories

Festival Shorts 4: ZORG 2 by Auden Lincoln-Vogel (Golden Horseman Best Animation, FFDD20)

Festival Shorts 4: TRAUMA CHAMELEON by Gina Kamentsky (Special Mention Youth Jury, FFDD20)

Family Shorts 4: THE BEAUTY by Pascal Schelbli (Youth 1 + Nat. Competition, FFDD20)

Festival Shorts 3: NOW! by Santiago Álvarez

Family Shorts 3: WHATEVER TREE by Isaac King (Kids 3, FFDD21)

Festival Shorts 2: ABOUT TRASH by Lisa Meier (National Competition 3, FFDD21)

Family Shorts 2: MY FRIEND WHO SHINES IN THE NIGHT by Grégoire de Bernouis, Jawed Boudaoud, Simon Cadilhac and Hélène Ledevin (Jugend 1, FFDD21)

Family Short 1: TRI, Michael Dämmig (audience favourite FFDD20)

Festival Short 1: MUTANTS, Alexandre Dostie

Festival Short 1: I'LL END UP IN JAIL, Alexandre Dostie