Beyond the cinemas …

In addition to the film programmes, FILMFEST DRESDEN offers a wide range of further training and networking opportunities during the festival week. The festival’s etc. - events.trainings.connections section includes masterclasses, workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions and receptions. They are aimed at accredited media professionals attending the festival, as well as at members of the general public interested in such events. In this section, the Visegrád Forum for instance, which was first held in 2015, focuses especially on the film scene in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Each year, up to 500 accredited media professionals from Germany and abroad visit the festival.


In order to provide a wide platform for short film and gives filmmakers opportunities to come in contact with the public, priority is given to having numerous festival events open to all. The formal highlights here during the festival week include the official opening of FILMFEST DRESDEN on the Tuesday evening as well as the awards ceremony for the prize-winners on the Saturday evening, followed by the closing party. In addition, the festival holds at least one exhibition each year together with its cooperation partners. These events open during the festival week and are dedicated to various aspects of film. Furthermore, the festival provides opportunities for filmmakers to present their films to the public here in the context of open stage screenings.


Jiri Menzel Masterclass at 27th FILMFEST DRESDEN 2015

A range of different training measures and information events give media professionals attending FILMFEST DRESDEN an opportunity to actively further their training and have exchanges on the latest topics and trends in the short film scene. These include the four-day international workshop for animation filmmakers which is announced and held by the festival each year, the annual "Go Forward!" series which provides an overview of the promotional, support and stipend programmes available for filmmakers, as well as the masterclasses during which top-name guests are invited to come and report on their work and film oeuvre.


An important objective of FILMFEST DRESDEN is to facilitate and promote the networking of the German and international film scenes. The opportunities provided here to expand professional networks and establish extensive contacts include the annual ARTE Brunch, the Regional Film Industry Rendezvous or the exclusive Co-Production Dinner in Wackerbarth Castle. The "Big Names, Small Talks" series invites important personalities and opinion leaders from the short film scene to have personal one-to-one meetings and talks with filmmakers.


Beyond the festival week in April, FILMFEST DRESDEN initiates a range of further events for filmmakers. Examples here include German and French filmmakers coming together to discuss and exchange views on film during a one-day workshop held at the ARTE TV broadcaster in the context of a German-French short film rendezvous. In addition, FILMFEST DRESDEN maintains close relations with the film scene in Quebec and regularly offers exchange programmes for filmmakers here.