New Programme Short Film Lotto

Who doesn’t know it? It’s early evening. You’re sitting in front of your computer with 2,800 film submissions awaiting you, ignorant as to the content or quality of these films, yet you have to view all of them over the next few weeks and select just 30 films in the end for the competitions. And suddenly the night has also drawn to an end and you return from a journey between crazy pop animation and some deeply sad social drama, between experimental black and white flicker films and dog documentaries.

Sounds interesting, huh? But now we’re going to give you an opportunity to slip into the skin of our selection committee. For a whole evening, we will let chance decide in which sequence you are going to see the films and whether you are made for the role of a committee member. Who knows, perhaps unimagined talents are lying dormant within you? The local bigwig Falk Töpfer is guiding us through the evening’s entertainment. He’ll manage to last till the end, what about you?

  • When: Thu 20 April, starts at 6pm
  • Where: scheune Blechschloss
  • Tickets: Admission: €1. Access to screening all evening.

Discover the programme in our online programme.

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