20 May: Digital Talk - Video Essays & Black Lives Matter

The 33 FILMFEST DRESDEN takes a look at various phenomena of activism in the context of an artistic and filmic approach. The video essay is an exciting form of expression that can address political contexts in a special way, make social actors visible and set experimental impulses. Especially in the Black Lives Matter movement, video essays have played a decisive role in critically illuminating racist violence, police brutality and systemic inequality.

At the 33 FILMFEST DRESDEN, exemplary works from the Black Lives Matter video essay playlist will be presented and discussed by the three curators Will DiGravio, Cydnii Wilde Harris and Kevin B. Lee. In an interview with the three co-curators, video essays as a cinematic form of protest will be discussed and an outlook on the upcoming presentation of the playlist at FILMFEST DRESDEN will be given.

When: Wednesday, 20 May at 6pm CEST

Where: Facebook Live

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