Festival Programme Special Focus: Photo Animation

Maki Satake, Catoptric Light, 2007

Selected national and international films on the subject of photo animation represent the film screening component of this year’s special festival focus. The three wide-ranging film programmes entitled Measurement & Notation, Assemblage and Japanese Photo Animation will provide deep insights into the universe of photo animation and the developments that have occurred there over the last 40 years. The films being screened include works by Paul de Nooijer, Katja Pratschke & Gusztáv Hámos, Takashi Ito or Le Corbusier. Furthermore at the end of the festival week, the cinematic results of Maki Satake’s four-day photo animation workshop – to which international film and photo artists are invited – will be presented. One further unique highlight of the photo animation special focus is the in-depth symposium being held on the subject in the Aktsaal auditorium of the HfBK Dresden venue, with top-name speakers attending the event, such as Janie Geiser (USA), Suzanne Buchan (UK) and Paul de Nooijer (the Netherlands).

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