9 Dec: "The End Is Near" Open-Air-Programme in Dresden

THE END IS NEAR - Abstract, apocalyptic worlds, shrill characters, dark humour. Quite the opposite of the cosy and warm Christmas mood is our programme at the Sudhäuschen this year. This short film evening will end the year with a perhaps fascinated, perhaps bitter, but in any case a smile.

When? 09.12, programme starts on the hour (7-9pm)

Where? Sudhäuschen, Körnerplatz 1, 01326 Dresden

What? open-air, short film programme with 5 films, running time 30min


The programme:

APOCALYPSE AIRLINES, Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger, 2019, Germany.

LITTLE MISS FATE, Joder von Rotz, 2020, Switzerland

TILL THE LAST DROP, Simon Schnellmann, 2021, Germany

BANANA ISLAND, Caroline Schwarz, 2021, Germany

MY GENERATION, Ludovic Houplain, 2018, France

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