2010 Focus Québec: L'Amour, La Vie et d'Ailleurs

For several years now, Filmfest Dresden has screened a selection of the most exciting films from the Province of Quebec in co-operation with SODEC, the Canadian culture development organisation. This year‘s selection reflects especially the different variations of human weaknesses and strengths, permitting a deep insight into the inner lives of the characters in the films. In this way for instance, „King Chicken“ prefers thinking about the great love far more than actually addressing it. In „Naissances“ and „Un Aprés au Parc“ the people delude themselves in different ways with made-up love stories, even though they feel sympathetic towards each other. And in „La Monstre“ the idyllic family situation obscures the real truth. That it is hard to be a real guy is revealed in „L‘ Homme et la Béte“, while in „Le Technicien“ a genuine super hero is shown without any star allure whatsoever. Enjoy this wideranging programme full of love, life and everything that can turn up afterwards...

The Film

KING CHICKEN, Nicolas Bolduc (Fiction, Canada 2009)

King Chicken walks into a language lab to learn English. He is love struck by a quirky and cute student. Will he be able to approach her?

L'HOMME ET LA BÊTE (THE MAN AND THE BEAST), Martin Thibaudeau (Fiction, Canada 2009)

Three city guys in a winter cottage have to come to terms with the presence of a mysterious beast in the basement and within themselves.

NAISSANCES (BIRTHS), Anne Emond (Fiction, Canada 2009)

BIRTHS examines an ephemeral connection between strangers and the false hope borne of living in a moment that does and does not belong to you.

UN APRÈS-MIDI AU PARC (AN AFTERNOON IN THE PARK), Olivier Gilbert (Fiction, Canada 2009)

On a beautiful autumn afternoon, two toddlers swing in a park. Not far away something stirs in thr bushes…

SURMENAGE (LOSING IT), Benoit Bourbonnais, Alexandre Leblanc (Fiction, Canada 2009)

Jermoe's world toppies over when his son disappears. This ordeal promptly pushes aside an important business deadline for the same morning. He races against time in search of the lost child.

LA MONSTRE (SHE_MONSTER), Dominic Goyer (Fiction, Canada 2009)

Cindy, a gloomy young girl, dreams of taking part in a reality TV show. She hopes so much to find another life. "She-Monster" is the second part of a triology revolving around family theme, ist secrets and ist lies.

LE TECHNICIEN (THE TECHNICIAN), Simon-Olivier Facteau (Fiction, Canada 2009)

A cable TV guy is out on a call to fix a television set with very strange problems. He soon realises that the real problem lies with the content: War zones, famine, child kidnapping. He decides to embark on the most amazing adventure.

LÉGER PROBLÈME (LITTLE INCONVENIENCE), Helene Florent (Fiction, Canada 2009)

A small ordinary man, with an ordinary job, living a very ordinary life. Today something extraordinary will happen as soon as he gets out of bed. His day be completely different. But did he really wake up?