Each year, FILMFEST DRESDEN appoints several independent juries which decide on the winners of the Golden Horsemen awards. Beside the International Jury and the National Jury these include the Jury Sound Design and two Youth Juries.
These are the jury members of 29th FILMFEST DRESDEN 2017:

International Jury 2017

Yasmeen Fanari

was born 1981 in Kuwait and is a creator of works in the field of visual production, illustration and animation. In 2004 she was awarded her Fine Arts Diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus University. In 2009 she continued her studies in animation at Kingston University London, where she gained an MA in Illustration and Animation in 2010. In September 2011 she left Syria permanently to live in France, where she is an associate of Hecat Studio, a special effects-animation boutique in Paris.

Denis Côté

was born 1973 in New Brunswick, Canada, produced and directed 15 independent short films while working as a journalist and film critic from 1995 until 2005. His first feature film LES ÉTATS NORDIQUES (DRIFTING STATES) from 2005 was awarded the Golden Leopard – Video at Locarno International Film Festival. Since then, Denis Côté's award-winning work has travelled extensively on the film festival circuit. VIC+FLO SAW A BEAR won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize at the 2013 Berlinale.

Peter van Hoof

is responsible for the short film programmes at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. In addition, he selects the features and documentaries from Sub-Saharan Africa. His background is that of an independent cinema programmer, initially at the Filmhuis Cavia squat cinema and as founder and programmer of Cinema De Balie – the independent cinema department of the political-cultural De Balie centre in Amsterdam. He is one of the founders of Stichting De Filmbank, an organisation that promotes Dutch experimental cinema. He is also the curator of the cinema programme and art section at the Into The Great Wide Open festival.

National Jury 2017

Lola Randl

was born in 1980 in Munich. She makes fictional films and documentaries, which either have a personal touch or an alert eye for social issues. The two seasons of her series LANDSCHWÄRMER (Are You Ready for the Country?) were set in her own flat or in a village in the rural Uckermark region – where that which is private is questioned anyway or at least kept under close observation. During her years of studying and training from 2001 to 2006 at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Munich Screenplay Workshop, she already made several short films. She had her feature film debut at the 2008 Berlinale with DIE BESUCHERIN (The Visitor). An aside, in 2013 during the shooting of the fictional film DIE ERFINDUNG DER LIEBE (The Invention of Love), the main actress Maria Kwiatkowsky died. Randl then integrated this into the screenplay, mixing the real and the fictional yet again. Her fourth cinema-release feature film FÜHLEN SIE SICH MANCHMAL AUSGEBRANNT UND LEER? (Do You Sometimes Feel Burnt Out and Empty?) is due to be released in summer 2017.

Anna Wollner

was born 1983 in Bonn, first went to the movies when she was five, having always been attracted by the darkness of the cinema auditorium. Her family-related move from Bonn to Potsdam-Babelsberg – right next to the local film-studio dream factory – was as to be expected. At 15 she skipped school for the first time to go to the "Sehsüchte" International Student Film Festival, followed by her first internship in the film business at 17. During her studies of communications, media sciences and drama, she initially worked in an art-house cinema in Leipzig, followed by Mephisto 97.6, the university radio station of Leipzig University – in the film editorial department. She lives in Berlin and works as a freelance film critic.

Max Hattler

works primarily in the fields of abstract animation, video installations and audio-visual performances. His work explores relationships between abstraction and figuration, aesthetics and politics, sound and image, precision and improvisation. He holds a BA in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths and a MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art, as well as a Doctorate in Fine Art from the University of East London. His work has been presented at museums and galleries around the world, and he has won prizes at the Third Culture Film Festival and Bradford Animation Festival, as well as several Visual Music Awards. He has performed live around the world and been on the juries of more than 25 festivals. He is an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.

Jury Sound Design 2017

Anna Scholz, aka Annamateur

born 1977 in Dresden, studied music but should have applied for graphic design or acting. Since 2003 she has toured German-language territories with her formation "Anna Mateur and the Beuys", winning the German Cabaret Award, the Salzburg Bull and the Bavarian Cabaret Prize, among others. She writes stage programmes, song texts and radio columns, drawing her stories live on sheets of film, as well as on skin, tables and walls. She has a passion for systems between order and chaos. In 2015 she published her first book "Wehwehchenatlas" (Atlas of Aches and Pains). When she is not out touring with her latest programme "Protocol of a Disco", she is living and going bonkers in the Valley of the Clueless.

Robert Seidel

lives in Berlin as an artist and curator. His projections, installations and experimental films have been shown at numerous international festivals, as well as in galleries and museums, such as the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, the Art Center Nabi Seoul, the Museum of Image and Sound São Paulo and the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. In his work, Seidel is interested in pushing the boundaries of abstracted beauty through cinematographic approaches, as well as through those drawn from science. To promote the possibilities offered by the experimental moving image, he has curated screenings and exhibitions for the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna, the House of Electronic Arts Basel, the Art Collection Jena and Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.

Johannes Gerstengarbe und Frank Hellwig

together run the Ballroom Studios in Dresden, where music and video recordings, as well as photo shoots are produced. Their latest project here is the discussion format event, Ballroom Talk. Johannes Gerstengarbe studied in
Dresden and Nashville, and is a lecturer in arrangements and theory at the School of Music in Dresden. He plays the
guitar and has made a name for himself as a producer of music for short films, among other areas. Frank Hellwig
studied at the TU Technical University Dresden. He is the creative source behind various artistic, corporate, software
development and engineering projects. He is a musician who has also produced media art projects, and he has a deep interest in the electronic generation of sound, as well as in drawing and photography.

Youth Jury International Competition 2017

Janek Wuigk, 17

I can barely imagine a place where more youthful, new, and unique ideas can be found than at FILMFEST DRESDEN. The filmmakers with the courage, commitment and joy in what they do are role models for me. Since about my 8th grade I have been producing videos and films. I also use them when I support human rights, as I believe film has a power like no other medium. When compared to other media, films reach out to people in a truly unique way, and are the reason why my membership of the Youth Jury is so exciting and such an honour for me.

Raphael Kempe, 21

Each year in April, the days are full of intensive cultural and creative exchanges here in Dresden. With people coming to the city from the most varied parts of the world to inspire and encourage their creative language – short film – to entertain and provoke contemplation. As a great lover of cinematography and a friend of short film, I am absolutely delighted to be permitted to take part in these exchanges. And I am really excited about gaining new perspectives and at the same time being a member of the Youth Jury, where I also hope to contribute to a successful FILMFEST DRESDEN, which is such an immense enrichment to this city.

Lisa Tschöp-Mayer, 19

My enthusiasm for films already began several years ago. I loved to immerse myself in a different world and then think about the films afterwards – which is something I still do today. Right now, I am spending a voluntary social year with the Objektiv e.V. film training association in Dresden and even get to work with films on occasion as part of my tasks there, which give me a lot of pleasure. I love having exchanges with other creative people, which makes my being a member of the Youth Jury so appealing for me.

Youth Jury National Competition 2017

Viktoria Hofmann, 21

I love to let myself by surprised, carried away, persuaded, disappointed, horrified or edified by films. My interest in short film was aroused in the cinema, then strengthened during the first practical experience I gained at a media camp in Saxony, and has grown ever since. FILMFEST DRESDEN represents a great opportunity for me to expand my focus on short film and actively participate in the festival events and programmes, which I have only consumed to date. Right now, you are most likely to find me in the lecture halls of the TU Technical University Dresden attending seminars on German studies.

Khaled Al Saadi, 19

I have always had a great imagination, with my head constantly overflowing with stories. At some point I decided to pen these stories in the form of film ideas. And after a while, not only was I enjoying the writing, but even the storytelling, and I shot some short videos – resulting in my passion for film. A collection of tales by differing creative heads from throughout the world emerges through the multitude of short films being screened, which is exactly what makes my joy and pleasure with FILMFEST DRESDEN so great.

Jannis Roth, 17

Together with theatre acting, film is one of my passions. After I see a film, I examine and analyse it, subjecting it to a critical review. How did the actors perform? Was the film well adapted? Is it worth bothering with the screenplay? All of which generate verbal exchanges and discussions with other people, and FILMFEST DRESDEN provides the ideal platform for me to do so. I am looking forward to the highly diverse short film world, permitting me to look beyond the end of my nose and gain differing perspectives. There is no nicer feeling that being delighted by an accomplished film.