Each year, FILMFEST DRESDEN appoints several independent juries which decide on the winners of the Golden Horsemen awards. Beside the International Jury and the National Jury these include the Jury Sound Design and two Youth Juries.

International Jury 2018

Enrico Vannucci

born 1981 in Sassuolo, Italy, has been passionate about films since childhood due to his permissive parents letting him watch VHS tapes and going to the cinema together with them. In 2007, he graduated in screenwriting from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and was awarded his MA in Film Studies from the University of Bologna in 2008 with a thesis exploring John Frankenheimer and Jonathan Demme’s THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. He has been a member of film festival programming teams since 2010 and currently works as a short film advisor for the Venice Film Festival and as a short film curator at the Torino Short Film Market, as well as being a freelance curator. In recent years he has written essays on the short and feature film festival ecosystem that have been published and presented at international conferences. Finally, he has covered major film festivals as a journalist since 2009.

Špela Čadež

born 1977, has worked as an independent animation director and producer since 2008. Her films have been screened worldwide. BOLES (2013), a short puppet animation, received 50 awards, distinctions and nominations including a Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig, Best Debut Award at Hiroshima Festival and the Golden Horseman Animated Film at FILMFEST DRESDEN. The film was screened in competition at 150 festivals. Her latest film NIGHTHAWK (2016) has received 23 awards and distinctions to date, including prizes at the Holland Animation Film Festival and Animafest Zagreb, and has been screened in selections at festivals such as Sundance, Clermont Ferrand, Annecy and FILMFEST DRESDEN. Čadež graduated in graphic design in Ljubljana in 2002 and continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Thom Palmen

founded the Umeå International Film Festival in 1986. He was chairperson of the administrative board of the European Coordination of Film Festivals (ECFF) and a member of the pre-selection committee for the Swedish National Film Prize for Shorts & Documentaries (Golden Bug). As a jury member, he has been a guest at many international film festivals. His debut as a producer on the film IN THE THEME (director Olga Popova, Russia) was awarded at the 2008 Berlinale. Since then he has contributed to numerous films in various capacities. Currently he is a voting member of the European Film Academy, working as a curator for a number of festivals and developing projects within the field of cinema parallel to this. Since April 2017 he has been the Executive Director of the Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival. His current production PRISONER OF SOCIETY – directed by Rati Tsiteladze – was awarded Best Documentary at the Tampere Film Festival and nominated for a European Film Academy prize.

National Jury 2018

Annika Pinske

studied philosophy and literature from 2004 to 2010 in Berlin and Potsdam. During her studies, she worked for René Pollesch and Dimiter Gottschef at the Volksbühne Berlin Theatre, as well as for the film production company KOMPLIZEN FILM. From 2013 to 2015, Annika was the assistant to German film director Maren Ade (TONI ERDMANN). Annika has been studying film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) since 2011. She was nominated for the German Short Film Award in 2015 for her short film ANYWAYS. In 2016, she won the German Short Film Award in Gold for her film HOMEWORK. Both films, as well as her last short film CHANGE were screened in the National Competition section of FILMFEST DRESDEN. All three films were awarded ratings by the German Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW) film and media evaluation body. Her first feature-length film project EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER (WT) is due to be produced in 2019.

Falk Schuster

was born in 1980 in Oschatz, Saxony. In 2009, he completed his design studies with honours at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and founded the animation studio animated stories. Falk Schuster’s pieces frequently play with and combine various animation techniques. His range of work arising from these possibilities include freelance animated and mixed-media films, as well as commissioned pieces. His productions have won an array of prizes. In 2012, his film OUT ON A LIMB was awarded the prize for the Best German Animated Film at the DOK Leipzig festival. In 2013 this was followed for the prize for the Best Advertising Film for A RACER’S SKETCHBOOK at the ITFS Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart. For his animated documentary WIDE HORIZON, he won the Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize at FILMFEST DRESDEN. Since 2014, Falk Schuster has lectured at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and at the HFF University of Television and Film Munich. Falk Schuster lives and works in Halle (Saale).


Bernhard Marsch

was born in 1962 in Rhineland. From 1985 to 2000, he was a member of the Kölner Filmhaus film and media centre in Cologne, with his first short film COLOGNE MOVEMENTS made there in 1986. His film label RAMSCH has produced an extensive range of works on Super 8, 16 mm and 35 mm. His most successful short film HALLELUJA was screened in 1996 in the International Competition section of FILMFEST DRESDEN and at the film festival in Locarno, among others. With the musical LOVE IS A MATTER OF TASTE, he took part in the 1998 National Competition in Dresden. Since 1999, he has toured the world with his own short film programmes. In 2008, he discovered the extensive oeuvre of the German-Bulgarian filmmaker Maran Gosov and has worked increasingly as a curator since then. He is the engine behind the so-called Cologne Group, which was honoured in 2017 with a major showcase event as part of “The Laughing Heirs” comedy film series at Zeughauskino cinema in Berlin. As a founding member of Filmclub 813 in Cologne, he runs the multi-awarded association together with colleagues.

Youth Jury International Competition 2018

Johann Olenitsch, 17

I have always been interested in moving images and fascinated by them. Not only the subjects that the films embrace, but also the production methods have impressed me time and again. For which reason I regard it as a great opportunity to meet and have exchanges with other likeminded individuals at the festival. In my opinion, films, and especially short films, are capable of changing the world around us a little, as they influence people’s thoughts, feelings and actions in a truly unique way. And what fascinates me most perhaps in this respect is the individuality of the artists who create their works in the most varied cultures, languages and perspectives.

Elsa Bartelt, 20

At one time, I always wanted to secretly stay in the cinema after the closing credits and be able to plunge directly into the world of the next film. Since then, my enthusiasm for the world of film and cinema has not diminished in the slightest, but you are more likely to meet me in the lecture halls at the TU Technical University Dresden, where I am studying communication sciences. For me, FILMFEST DRESDEN stands for cultural and artistic exchanges, as well as for openness and pleasure at stories that are new and different, for which reason I am really delighted to spend a week enjoying great short films and lively discussions.

Leonard Wilhelm, 20

I love watching films – in all languages, from all regions and from all perspectives. I love whisking into a cinema as the auditorium darkens, finding a seat in the second last row, the best one I reckon, then just soaking up the lights, colours, sounds and stories – and disappearing into them. Each year, FILMFEST DRESDEN invites us along on such voyages that I have loved to experience since my childhood and have also learned to appreciate in other places, such as during my year abroad in Paris. Moreover, I have been gaining cinematic knowledge and visual experiences since 2016 as one of the staff at the Filmgalerie Phase IV venue.

Youth Jury National Competition 2018

Henriette Schneider, 17

Already as a small child, I loved watching movies in the cinema even though at that time I was always a bit scared – thanks perhaps to my fertile imagination. I am also a big fan of short film. I have been coming to FILMFEST DRESDEN since I was thirteen. And it is a small highlight for me every year. The filmmakers’ creativity is thought-provoking, permitting me to look beyond the horizon, and entertaining me as well. But what I like even more is sharing and exchanging what I see and hear, and discovering new perspectives doing so. I am really looking forward to being part of the Youth Jury.

Simon Carl Köber, 18

For sure I love watching films – and of course I view them with a critical eye. I look at the actors and the techniques, as well as the subtext, what the film is telling me. But as a maker of theatre, to date the production world of film had remained alien to me. In order to get to know this world and encounter other people with other ideas, opinions and visions – is the very reason why I am here; it is why I am honoured to be part of the Youth Jury at this year’s festival. And last but not least, the feeling that a good film evokes can barely be surpassed by anything else – perhaps not even by good old theatre.

Emilia Kloss, 17

During one of the courses at school, I realised how much information a single minute of film can embrace. There is so much to grasp, understand and consider. And I have slowly started to look for more than just a brief moment of entertainment in films. I am succeeding at this more and more: With each new film I am learning to keep various criteria in mind and arrange them with in a context. FILMFEST DRESDEN brings together the experienced and the inexperienced, but passionate lovers of art each and every time, and promises a wide array of exchanges – all entirely to my taste.


Jury for Sound Design 2018

Natalie Beridze und Nika Machaidze

Natalie Beridze is a Georgian composer and songwriter. She is a member of the Goslab artist collective, runs the Live@Twilight video blog and teaches song writing and music production at CES (Creative Educational Studio). Since 2004, she has given concerts worldwide and is known as the first performer of electronic music from Georgia. In addition to her solo projects, she has worked together with artists such as Gudrun Gut, Ryuichi Sakamoto or Nika “Nikakoi” Machaidze. Together with Nika Machaidze, she is one half of a dynamic duo in our Sound Design Jury. Nika is also regarded as a pioneer of electronic music in Georgia. When he is not performing at concerts in Europe and beyond, teaching at CES or working as a video artist, he is composing music for film and theatre.

Sven Janetzko

is an independent musician and performer. He has played at concerts and performed music with Deichkind, Pascal Finkenauer, Barbara Morgenstern, Bosse, Mint Mind, Glacier, Kokon and many more. He has also participated in a highly diverse array of theatre, film and video productions with Rimini Protokoll, Beatsteaks, Beginner, Deichkind and Sebastian Schipper. He works as a journalist and graphic designer. His love of music and of film has accompanied him his whole life long, and he has a special fondness for improvisation and experimental music, in addition to pop music.

Johannes Gerstengarbe

Born in Halle, lives in Dresden and has a weakness for his much-missed second home of Nashville, Johannes works as a producer, teacher and creator of music. This has resulted in cooperative work with various artists, ranging from soundtracks for Jens Rosemann to recordings with CJ Ramone through to videos with Deichkind and Bela B. Thanks to their extensive network, the Ballroom Studios have developed into a location that facilitates encounters between the most diverse creative heads. He mainly works there, but also lectures in arrangements and theory at the University of Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, teaches guitar at the Radebeul Music School and likes to pick up and play the guitar, bass, piano or whatever else is lying around – whether he is asked to or not.

Jury for Gender Diversity 2018

Susanne Seifert

studied culture, literature and linguistics at the TU Technical University Dresden, as well as at Belmont University in Nashville. From 2009 to 2012, she was employed by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, where she was in charge of its film section among others. Since 2011, she has been the public relations and cultural work specialist at the *sowieso* KULTUR BERATUNG BILDUNG women’s advocacy association. She has curated the annual Women’s Short Film Night event in Dresden since 2012 for the association. Moreover, as the curator of the short film programme series KLARSICHT_STREIFEN, which has been a permanent component of the Diversity Days at the TU Dresden since 2015, she prepares audio descriptions for the visually impaired and subtitles for the hard of hearing, so as to permit access to the unique experience of short film for as many people as possible. She receives requests on a regular basis from various educational bodies to compile theme-based film programmes. She represents the Saxon Gender Competence Centre in the jury.

Enrico Damme

born 1971, is the press and public relations specialist for the LAG Jungen- und Männerarbeit Sachsen e. V. men’s advocacy association in Saxony, as well as a freelance journalist and filmmaker in Dresden. The graduate in communication science has worked independently since 2003 as a television editor, cameraman, podcaster and video producer. He has cooperated with FILMFEST DRESDEN since it began screening video podcasts as supporting footage to  the  festival  programmes. He works as the producer and cameraman for these short formats. Furthermore, he is committed to gender equality – and that especially in a constructive-critical way for men’s interests, such as for instance in the protection against domestic violence in sheltered housing for men, or in health care. His work as a press and public relations specialist for the LAG Jungen- und Männerarbeit Sachsen e. V. association includes organising campaigns, and he is one of the initiators of the “Golden Horseman* for GenderDiversity in Short Film”.

Vera Ohlendorf

The LAG Queeres Netzwerk Sachsen network is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of the LSBTTIQ community in Saxony. The network currently has 15 members. We regard ourselves as an interface between the political and administrative spheres, civil society and the community, and are committed to gaining more visibility and presence for the needs of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and inters. We fight for acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in all areas of our society. Vera Ohlendorf is sitting on the jury for us. She studied philosophy and culture management at Leipzig University, as well as culture and media management at the FU Free University Berlin. From 2014 to 2018, she was a programme coordinator at the Cinémathèque Leipzig arthouse cinematic association, where she curated several thematic film series. She has worked at LAG as a project assistant since March 2018.