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We are many - Declaration of Dresden artists and cultural workers

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Masterclass 2018

Ibolya Fekete

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Versatile, international, inspiring

...that's the festival programme at FILMFEST DRESDEN. Every year in April, the festival
presents the best short films from around the world in Dresden and attracts
more than 20,000 visitors, including around 500 accredited guests.

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FFDD18: Masterclass with the hungarian director Ibolya Fekete

FFDD18: Panel discussion "Film licences for short films, too?"

FFDD17: Masterclass with Dénis Coté

FFDD17: Masterclass with Ossama Mohammed

FFDD17: Panel discussion "Film in War – Life in Exile"

FFDD17: Panel discussion "Why make the effort? How accessible films are also good for the industry"

Trailer 30 FILMFEST DRESDEN 2018 / by Antje Heyn (Protoplanet Studio Berlin)

Podcast 30 FILMFEST DRESDEN 2018

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